The Mirth outplays the Lawy – Turn Up Friday

09 June 2020
On this week's turn up, Dj Mirth schools his competition and another small pikin wins the dance-off.
VS battle new (2)

Another weekend oozing music and a proper good time came upon us and as per usual, we brought you the smoothest sounds in the land. Between the DJ vs, the ‘shake body’ contest and the epic ‘who be on canvas’ trivia twist, fun was cooked, served and chopped.

Adorning the decks and ready to scatter everytin for the ultimate win were DJs Mirth and Lawy. Both deck masters were pumped up after DJ Sose’s bomb-dropping mixes and followed suit with their disk scratching and body commanding sounds.

As per Pepsi party mandate, Dotun brought out Mercy Eke’s tatashe and spiced up the dance floor, leaving only smoke and trails ablaze and judging by the dance clips you guys sent through, your bodies agreed with the sounds too. After much deliberation and 17 514 votes later, DJ Mirth scooped the 52% win and walked away the ultimate deck authority for the night.

Although all the dance videos we received screamed ‘I’m having the time of my lounge life’, one small pikin like this gave her seniors a run for their Pepsis and shook body for the win… Second pikin to blow ya’ll out of the water might we add?!  

The painting trivia finally caught a wrap and after much guessing (as far as Nelson Mandela, bless his soul), the correct answer, ‘Wiz Kid’ was thrown on the gram and a winner locked. Talk about a visual good time.

… and that ladies and gentlemen is how we wrapped up another fun-filled #AMTurnupFriday. Make sure you join the online party by using the above tag to gist with us and make sure to add your names when sending your dance videos through. Later ‘partygators’!  

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