The 'I' before the 'WE'

19 February 2019
It's Tuesday and that spell MOTIVATION here on Africa Magic, so here's what loving yourself can do for you.

You’re probably well aware of your imperfections and are wondering if you should listen to those that reckon you should change simply because they find your scars go way too deep, or maybe dance to the symphonies of self-philosophy and loathe the idea of having to tweak anything just to accommodate others. Whatever the direction of our thought-train, we’re all just looking for ways to remind our hearts to stop hurting and maybe collect material strong enough to shore off our deepest regrets and worst memories… but maybe these methods are too technical for someone trying to love themselves correctly, so we thought we should deviate a little and dig deeper… Grab an instrument.

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We’ve heard how important it is to pour into others what we have in abundance and though the notion is remedial, we need a viable cure. We’ve all given away pieces of ourselves that we know we’ll never get back and find ourselves searching for ‘void-filling’ mechanisms that often deepen our black holes.
The sour truth is that loving from the outside-in is depriving yourself of innate happiness that can only be sourced from yourself. So, no matter how difficult, it’s the ‘me’ before the ‘we’.

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When you finally master the art of valuing ‘the self’, recognizing elements that constitute a great emotional diet becomes a mere mantra. You shortcoming are very visible to your eye and despite how daunting they may be, you forgive yourself for them. In so doing, you’re able to filter out anything and everything that threatens your sanity and general stability. You get rid of one-sided friendships and throw out any relations that lead to depletion without compensation. In a nutshell, you become your own ‘pest control’ service provider.

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… and now that you know yourself and value your ‘unique’, you have your relationships on lockdown and know who to let in – Things have changed. Your entire outlook has shifted a few degrees and though the journey is fulfilling, it isn’t all smooth sailing. You’re different now and so are the winds that steer the ship that houses you. People have begun to notice these changes and are now mirroring them, everything is different… so because change is the only constant, embrace it. Congratulations on getting this far!

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If we had to dissect this subject any further, this platform would need to be expanded but just as life requires, we’ll use the little that we have to foster change. You’re now an emotionally accomplished individual and it’s about time you throw your shell gates open and ‘do unto others what you want to be done unto you”. Visualize your future, curate your own reality, love without fear or condition and last but not least, live your best life.

PhotoS 1-3 and cover: Unsplash

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