The fault in our paths – OPW

20 May 2019
OPW Nigeria brings you the most beautiful matrimonial fairytales in the land
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 Fully submerged in ‘shy’ and unshakable in her unwillingness to dash out her number, it could only have been the universe that allowed Prince to cross paths with his ‘eye-throb’ again.

though the business card Prince had insisted that Gloria accept was probably lost a few meters from their meeting point, the stars decided to go linear when a mutual friend of the two played unwilling match-maker and got these two communicating.

Despite the throbbing distance, Prince and Gloria made sure to hold each other down completely and it was Prince’s well-curated proposal that further ignited this couple’s undeniable spark.
After a hard day’s work, Gloria shared how exhausted she had been and was offered a post-toil massage session by yours truly - even offering to wait until she was done.

Gloria still made nothing of this and remained unsuspecting when a few friends of their coincidentally joined them at the unpopular hotel spot. One thing led to another and Prince went on one knee… The rest, in this case, is history in the making abi!

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