The Fashion Niche

18 July 2018
Whether you're the stylist or the styled, the fashion narrative has completely changes and is all inclusive.
Emmy Collins

For generations, fashion has been on the forefront of self-expression and a direct indicator of social statuses. Looking as far back as the sartorial revolution of the man’s wardrobe, colour, patterns and silhouettes represented unwritten status cards that had the ‘elite’ sticking out like sore thumbs. The more expensive, the better, or so they thought.

Fast forward to the now, fashion continues to be greatly hailed as thee deciding factor of ‘cool or not’ and we’re riding along. From wardrobe niceties courtesy of Ebuka to bespoke tailoring plated by none other than Emmy Collins, we’re all about serving you style; thank us later.

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Between helping clients ‘plead the fifth’ and delivering lines on our TV screens, Ebuka manages to remain a stranger to the wrong side of the fashion radar. Having always looked dapper enough to exhibit in a style museum, we really can’t decide what we like more, his accoladed hosting abilities or how dreamy he looks in a suit.

We couldn’t help but drool over the timeless pieces displayed on the rack as Tamira launched a ‘why are you so effortlessly stylish’ probe on Ebuka, which he modestly attributed to ‘his queen of the dress floor’ mom; see what we did there? Be it on the streets or in front of the lens, Ebuka definitely stops traffic. Have a look at his one on one with Tamira below in case you missed out on 53Extra.

Thanks to the new meaning attached to ‘expression’, there are absolutely no ‘no gos’; if you feel it, then wear it. Fashion extraordinaire of note, Emmy Collins’ eye for the stitch has allowed him to reimagine the style narrative, carving into it elements of himself that make his brand that much more unique.

Having first fallen in love with fabric chemistry while running errands for his mother, his attention to detail was further sharpened while observing his seamstress siblings working their way through fabric supplied by his godfather. From humble Abia state beginnings to buzzing London, Emmy Collins’ preference for high quality has him quenching our fashion thirst in more than just a few ways.

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