The Best of the Worst - Big Brother Naija

25 June 2019
Beneath the exterior lurked traits and it wasn’t long before their vices were bared to the world.
best of the worst

No one is without a vice and on Big Brother Naija, the Housemates have always ensured there is never a shortage of their fallings. From liars to backstabbers to those with anger issues, our ‘See Gobbe’ and ‘Double Wahala’ Housemates had them all. In no particular order, let us examine some of the vices that left us gasping.

The Angry Birds

One thing TBoss from ‘See Gobbe’ and Cee-C from ‘Double Wahala’ had in common during their time in the BB Naija House were their personalities. These two, were never shy to lash out, full blast, at any Housemates that crossed their respective paths. Even the Strike they earned from Biggie didn't stop them from creating more of the controversies they were known for.

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Ministers of Information

Some people considered Uriel, Kemen, Tobi and Alex the resident “gossips” from 'See Gobbe' and 'Double Wahala'. They performed their duties well by giving us some juicy stuff that made the show worthwhile. Kudos to this lot.

The Greedy Ones

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. For some Housemates like Teddy A from the 'Double Wahala' House, food was something not to be joked with. We won’t blame him. After all, “a hungry man is an angry man”.

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The Bad Belles

Was is it a strategy? Was it an unconscious act? We might never know. However, it was certain that anytime we saw Miracle Nina, Alex and Tobi together, then some backbiting was going on. Guess what? They were never subtle with it.

Will Big Brother Naija deliver all this and more this season? Watch to find out.

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