The Best of 53 Extra (2017)

18 December 2017
It's been yet another amazing season and our hosts Amira, Eku, Mawuli and Tora decided to close off the season by reflecting on the many amazing things they'd accomplished over the course of the year.
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There's nothing quite as special as getting to the end of the year and taking stock of how much you've got to be grateful for. Perhaps that's why our hosts looked oh-so deboniar during this week's episode, no doubt making a point that there was cause to celebrate. Mawuli even treated the ladies to some pretty spectacular cocktails that matched their ensembles and soon it was time to dig into the year that was.

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One of the biggest highlights of course was our three new hosts making their big debut. Amira excelled under pressure holidng it down at the AMVCA's while Tora and Mawuli fended off stiff competition and a gruelling interview with IK Osakioduwa to come out tops in our '#Faceof53Extra' competition. Tora gushed, expressing gratitude for landing her "dream job". Mawuli (though equally elated) blushed, embarrased about the fact that they were replaying his audition.

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He later reflected on his trip to Senegal singling it out several times as a huge highlight that left its mark. Many of you will remember how he was so psyched he raced up 198 steps to see the  Monument de la Renaissance Africaine. He even got to canoe in the pink lake and create a 53 Extra sand painting.

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Amira & Tora on the other hand gave a nod to the Notting Hill Festival in London, a celebration of culture and heritage by expats hailing from Africa and the West Indies. Meanwhile Eku just kept raising the fashion stakes and even played Fairy God Mother, transforming our  '#53ExtraMakover Competition' winner into a bonafide, style queen! Let's not forget the EPIC fashion shoot with one of Nigeria's greatest, Kelechi Amadi-Obi.

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All things considered the show continues to give us a rich and dynamic experience of our beautiful continent and its many diverse people. Get into the gallery we put together recounting all the best moments below. Here's to plenty more years of quality entertainment on 53 Extra!


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