The beginning of a new chapter

29 March 2018
After a grueling year of juggling our hit show, Jemeji with shooting his debut production, 'What Lies Within', Tope can finally reap the rewards
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Though he's still quite young, Tope Tedela has mastered the craft of method acting and consistently manages to pull off character after character, each portrayal completely different from the last. It was a natural step in his progression therefore, to go behind the scenes and  explore film making from a completely different perspective.

There's no denying he has an incredible work ethic too because since the last time he hit up Jara, 'What Lies Within' has been completed, debuting in cinema's across Nigeria scoring awesome reviews and two awards at the Zuma Film Festival Awards

That said, the film's success is only one side of the story because Tope revealed that project also lead to a lot of personal growth. In his own words, he came away from the experience a "wiser" and "more refined human being". He attributes this to learning how to deal with people and all their complexities while shouldering an immense amount of pressure. In spite of all this, Tope remains the soft-spoken and humble star he's always been, electing to never beat his own drum but let the art speak for itself and that's something to be commended

As ever, Uti had a blast picking our guest's brain and firing one hilarious question after another. Get into the full interview down below and once you're done, tell us what your favourite Tope Tedela film is on any of our social platforms.

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