The beauty and the creative – Jara

12 December 2019
This week, Uti hosts the immensely talented duo, Ifan Ifeanyi and Ini Dima Okojie.

On this week’s serving, we brought not one but two of Nollywood’s glowing splinters with so much velocity, we literally had to stop and catch our breaths a few times.

Ifan Ifeanyi’s isn’t as simplistically surfaced as we’re made to believe. Having broken into the gruesome entertainment scene at a tender age, his love for the arts expanded drastically and had him shifting away from Inugu’s protective walls to a concrete jungle where everyone had a spade to crack the walls.

Pushing, however, meant taking odd jobs “to keep body and soul together’… and now we’re here. Stylist to award-winning film architect, what are the odds?

Ini Dima Okojie, on the other hand, has held our gazes for more than a minute now and we’re definitely here for her versatility. Always referring to acting as a power bigger than her and a calling of purpose, this bombshell is concise about roles she gives nods to and believes in ‘correct representation’.

Spotting more accolades than our collective fingers can count, Ifan and Ini are definite forces to be reckoned with and we’re sworn fans.

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