The apple and the tree – Brethren

04 December 2019
It's true what they say about the apple not falling far from the tree, and the Kurokeme family is a shining example.

Founded and financed by its patron saint, Dr Celestina Kurokeme and her husband, Chief Dr Anthony Kurokeme, till they started getting grants and donations from the government, and well-meaning individuals in the society, the Home has been a refuge, catering to the needs of homeless children and orphaned kids around the state for the better part of 30 years.

Tina prides herself in her work. She knows she cannot change the entire world on her own, but she has faith in her ability to build a small army of good children that will be well-equipped to carry on her goodwill.
What she does not know, however, is that with the help of the home’s manager, Shade Bright, her husband has been using the home as a recruitment booth for suitable candidates with both talent and heart to slide into operations of the secret illegal arm of the family business.

Fronted by a chain of small to medium scale businesses, the criminal organization, which is the true source of Chief Dr’s wealth, include counterfeiting, internet fraud, money laundering, oil bunkering, ATM fraud, and robbery amongst other things.

The Kurokeme family is the exact representation of the dynamics of the lives of their heirs, and as it seems, each parent has been able to raise an exact replica of themselves. Like his mom, Bara seeks to change the world one conviction at a times and like Chief Dr, Dag is just surviving the cutthroat world of shady dealings. It’s a ‘win-win’ if you ask us!  

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Cover photo by Andrew Johnson on Unsplash

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