The AM Igbo, Epic Festival May Edition

09 May 2018
Friday nights on AM Igbo will be served with a pinch of Epic, thanks to the awesome, May, movie line-up.
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Another round of home-harvested thrillers have hit your screens, promising you entertainment nothing short of ‘Epic’. Here is what you’ll be sinking your teeth into. 

1525937562 28 uwa m

Starring: Emeka Anti, Donbrymore Uchegbu

Date: Friday 11 May

Time: 8pm (WAT)

About: Greed over land leads a man into sorcery, resulting in the death of his brother and mental disturbance of his brother’s son.


1525937829 25 uto obim

Starring: TT. Temple, Danny Bonny

Date: Friday 18 May

Time: 8pm (WAT)

About: A young orphan living harshly under her guardian’s roof finally finds love but it gets complicated when her guardian’s daughter falls for the same person.


1525938041 25 ije enu

Starring: Recheal Okonkwo, Harry B Ibeanyanwu

Date: Friday 25 May

Time: 8pm (WAT)

About: Ije Enu tells the story of a young man who has incredible skill when it comes to playing his traditional instrument. As a result of this talent, he makes more enemies than friends which leads to the untimely death of his sister and his banishment from the village.

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