Teni vs Ini

22 September 2017
Can the princess out-glam the superstar?
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Much like her mom, you don't have to look twice to recognise that Teniola Bhadmus is royalty because the first princess always looks like money! The ravishing beauty, Ini Dima-Okojie is the actress tasked with bringing to life this complex, sensitive, caring and at times naive character. She's doing a stellar job and in addition to being incredibly gifted, she's a bonafide style star with a savage, insta game. In fact, we were so impressed that we stormed the Battleground set and asked her to give us an exclusive tour of her favourite ensembles.


This week, the 53 Extra team dug a little deeper to get Ini's fashion story in her own words. As it turns out, one of her biggest inspirations is her mom. She even reveals that from as early as age five, she'd wake up every morning to watch her mom get ready and that's where it all began. Fast forward a few years and Ini too has grown into woman who doesn't shy away from a bold fashion choice and will go with whatever look fits her "mood" that day. "I wouldn't say that my style is particularly boho or chic," she adds, "I embrace any and everything I like! My style is ever-changing." 


With that kind of attitude it's little wonder why she has a killer look to fit every occassion whether she's on or off set and we love everything we're seeing. That said, we'd still love to know who you think wins this style showdown, Teni or Ini?. Have a listen to what she says are some of her most memorable looks over the years and then you can be the judge.

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