Talent spruce up for Battles

11 August 2017
Many have been spotted in dazzling outfits and really cool accessories.

The Battles are in full swing, and we’ve seen Talent all dolled up for their performances. Here are some of the outfits that caught our eye:     

Blessed and Bada:

For the Blind Auditions, Bada chose a casual look. He wore a black T-shirt with white flowery-like prints and pants, while Blessed went the smart casual way, wearing a blue shirt and jeans.

1502367358 33 blessed and bada

Come Battles time, the two just transformed their looks from casual/smart casual to formal and boy were they looking dapper!

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Glowrie and Wilson:

Glowrie wore a stripped black and white dress, with a maroon crocheted jersey and fishnet stockings for the Blinds. Meanwhile Wilson wore a denim short-sleeved shirt and pants accessorised it with a red rose.

1502366210 34 glowrie and wilson

These two were dressed to the nines at the Battles! Glowrie wore a long black sequined dress, showing off her beautiful slim structure. Wilson wore a black blazer, white shirt and pants.     

1502367445 33 ak4a6631


Efezino and Daniel:

They’re another pair that had quite a transformation, in terms of outfits. Daniel auditioned wearing a simple black sweater with grey stripes on the arms, a golf shirt and jeans. Efezino wore a black pleated skirts and denim shirt. Come Battles times, Efezino went for a similar but more sofisticated look, while Daniel wore a white shirt, black waistcoat and pants. 

1502366528 34 ak4a6333

Excited to see more dazzling outfits this week, as the Battles continue? Tune in this Sunday!


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