Tailored Storms

29 May 2018
Incredibly talented in their own spheres, Folu Storms and Mai Atafo continue to create, relate and inspire.

While many of us are fuelled by the weight of our academic qualifications, seeking professional fulfilment in our A4 pieces of gold, Mai Atafo and Folu Storms both opted for the passion highway and continue to navigate their way through it. Though almost completely different in their artistic practices, the two tell stories so beautiful that they’ve become forces to be reckoned with in their respective fields.

Born Ada Afoluwake Ogunkeye, Folu Storms’ hawk’s eye for all things arts inspired was fuelled by the relationship between pen and paper. Having fallen in love with the process of finding and telling stories, she ramped off of the legal route and embarked on a journey that would see her exploring the entertainment industry in its entirety.

Despite having spent more time pruning the ‘entertainer’ in her, Folu’s “unique blend of intelligence, charm, beauty and passion combine to form a perfectly delightful storm”, and judging by how analytical she was in dissecting the wedding inspired videos by some of Naija’s greats, her subtle wittiness is worn as a second skin

In the past, style- focused tailoring was considered an element found only in the female chromosomal cocktail, giving birth to limitations that would result in men being sidelined and limited to basics, unkempt hair and beards. Thanks to individuals like Mai Atafo however, the narrative has done a total 360 and now more than ever, men are owning it.

The self-branded bespoke fabric craftsman boasts hundreds of original creations and continues to seek out new styles and patterns. Well known for his clean cuts and flawless fabric sculptures, Mai Atafo’s name is never not mentioned in high profile ‘dress-up’ events; a fashion engineer of note.   Check out the full scoop below.

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