Day 5: Styling! Courtesy of Payporte

27 January 2017
Biggie and our official sponsors Payporte really hooked the the Housemates up!  

Big Brother made the Housemates assemble in the lounge for a speacial announcement. Biggie was so impressed with the Housemates this week and thought they did a great job accomplishing the Proudly Naija tasks that he set for them. As such, the Housemates won the 100% wager they made with him and now it was time to for the big reward.

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First up, Biggie announced that cooking privileges had been restored which was met by screams of "Gbosa!" but he wasn't done yet! Our official sponsors Payporte had a special gift for the Housemates waiting for them in the store room. Every Housemate got brand new clothes for the big party tomorrow (Saturday) and if their antics this afternoon are anything to go by we're in for a treat tomorrow night! Needless to say they were elated and once again started chanting "Gbosa" and "We love you Payporte!"

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Biggie also informed them that starting next week they'd be able to shop via touch screen for two brand new looks courtesy of Payporte, one for the Saturday night party and another for Eviction night. They also got to hear the Payporte jingle avid BB Naija watchers are already familiar with. This jingle, Biggie explained, was their signal to start shopping and and it would play again when it was time to stop. Lastly, he told them anything they shop for would be delivered on Friday for free, courtesy of Payporte!

We'll be keeping you posted on the hot new looks the Housemates rock so keep it locked to the OFFICIAL Big Brother Naija website.

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