Spotlight on Kehinde Bankole

18 March 2015
Isabella Akinseye talks to AMVCA winner Kehinde Bankole.
Spotlight on Kehinde Bankole

By Isabella Akinseye

October 1 was clearly the biggest winner of the night at the 2015 AfricaMagic Viewers’ Choice Awards. One of the awards won by the film went to Kehinde Bankole (Best Actress in a Drama) for her stellar performance as Tawa. She also went home with a cheque of N1 million courtesy of Amstel Malta.

DStv: How did you get the role of Tawa?
Kehinde: A few years back, I had auditioned for Mr. Afolayan for some other project but did not get a call back. Then last year, I got a call from him to come in and read for Tawa in October 1. I read and got a call back. I guess I impressed him this time. Lol.

What has been the reaction of your fans to your role in October 1?
Absolute love! My fans have been very supportive and encouraging. I'm particular about reviews and grateful for their feedback. Many have said to me that they love Tawa for her trueness.

Tell us about your outfit on the night.
I wore Mon Ami. We were careful with the choice of fabric and accessories. The sparkles were there to illuminate me and there's just some kind of freshness that comes with the colour white. I think it worked.

How long did it take to get ready?
Well... 50 minutes or thereabout.Did you think you were going to win?
I gave winning a possible nod but I wasn't really expectant. So you can imagine the sugar rush when the winner was announced. It was a joyful surprise.

Describe how you felt when you heard your name.
I was overjoyed, excited, amazed, thankful...it was all sorts of positive feelings to be honest.

What did you prepare to say in your acceptance speech?
I had on few occasions played with words but I did not do up a speech. It is funny that the few words I played with flew out of reach when I got on stage to receive the award. I ended up saying what came to mind at the time.

What next can we expect from you?
Expect to see me in projects that will show my range. To me, acting is not about featuring in every film but about how true you are to whatever character you play and making the right film choice.

What are your Top 3 shows on DStv?
Hotel Majestic, Losing Control and X Factor.