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Spicy Nene: We're Here For This Level Of Pettiness

07 September 2019
I'm back with the spice and it’s time to unload all the juicy things that went down in the Pepper Dem House this past week.
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There are 12 Housemates and just over a month to go before the finale. Biggie's House is getting hotter and yasssss, I'm here for that.

Goddess Of Thunder

Venny baby well done. I didn’t know you have become Thor’s assistant.

All Biggie announced was “hot water is now available.” The next thing I heard from Venita was, “thunder fire you Biggie.” Say what ma 😲? Which market did Big Brother buy from your tray that he didn’t pay for? Wait a minute, she was holding a bottle of beer when she made this statement. In as much as I want to argue that she was drunk when she said this but ahn ahn, just one bottle. I won’t be shocked if that thunder she mentioned is doing press up to come back to her. I kuku trust Biggie.

Victorious Pair

Nothing sweet pass winning with le boo 💕. I know I don’t have one but I can’t help but jubilate with Mercy and Ike on jointly winning the Head of House title.

The Head of House challenge was not an easy one this week as it looked as if all the Housemates wanted to be HoH at once. The throne, however, went to Igwe Ike and Lolo Mercy. This is the first time the House will have two HoHs.

Did you guys see the sacrifice Mercy made for her Ike? She willingly let go of the immunity privilege for her love. If this isn’t love tell me what it is 🎶.

A Quick Decision Or Payback?

“It’s not going to happen to me twice.” Those were the words Seyi said when he was asked to use his Veto Power on Nomination night. After what happened to bros the first time he held the Veto Power title, Seyi kept his sentiments one side and quickly put up Khafi for possible Eviction.

I know I wasn’t the only person chilling to see if Seyi was going to do ‘the boy is good’ a second time but I couldn’t help but wonder why Khafi? Hmm, could it be because Khafi added more marbles to his cup during the Veto Games or sucre papito isn’t just happy with her? What’s my own? I go just dey look them on this Veto matter.

Shout Fest

Have you ever seen a Task where the Pepper Dem Gang don’t quarrel? Rare as hen’s teeth I swear. This time, it was the Arla Cooking Show challenge that brought Diane’s loud voice out.

Baby girl activated ‘para mode’ when other Housemates (Venita the chief amongst these) started hoarding the menu books. I weak on top the matter too. Without hiding anything, Diane said her piece and when Venita wanted to banter words with her, she gave her the hang it there ✋hand sign and walked out. Nawa, naso small madam dey vex?

As my ears hear all, I didn’t miss out on the conversation between Mercy and Ike when she told Ike that money makes her horny. Ike my brother, does this mean you are not doing the job right? Haba, how can money sexually arouse your baby girl?

Tatafo Unedited Version

It doesn’t matter if you entered the Peppered Dem House late in the game, you will get the full gist of what happened before you came in.

That’s how Mercy decided to snatch my tatafo job and brief Venita on the love triangle that almost happened between Diane, Nelson and Tuoyo. The way she broke the matter down for Venita fear me sha. Ride on Mercy, I doff my gele for you abeg.

A Crack?

Wetin this Task preparation no go cause? Tacha and Khafi exchanged words based on increasing their time to get their Task right. What I noticed here is that there is no bestie for Wager oh.

What about the dog name-calling between Khafi and Venita. Like play, like play, Khafi called Venita a Rottweiler and Venita responded by calling Khafi a poodle. See, I don’t know if this one is a subtle insult but I will keep on sipping my tea and observe these two.

The book of Lamentations was rewritten by Mercy when her team didn’t win the cooking challenge. Ah, the way the babe pressed 'P' on the matter ehn. Someone that told Frodd how much is one million that Frodd is talking to her anyhow. I hear you oh anytime you win that kind of ‘small’ money, I will drop my account number so you can pay it in. Nene doesn’t reject any amount of money.

Smash And More Fight

“If I want to smash Khafi, I will but I respect Gedoni.” Omashola the sharp guy, did I not say it? Omashola painted Khafi’s toenails, he became her gist buddy and someone says he doesn’t have a motive. You have heard it now, I don’t care if he said “if”, baba you have tipped your hands on this one.

Seyi and Tacha quarrelling over who shouted my name and why. Sincerely, I thought this two were cool but it’s like I am wrong oh. Could it be that Tacha is angry that Seyi Replaced himself with Khafi her bestie? Imagine Seyi even said that he is going to make sure Tacha gets her third Strike. Hmm, I got it twisted with these two.

It's time to go and prepare for the Saturday Night Party, I just hope my tailor delivered on the design of the dress I showed her because Mercy can't be the only one slaying every Saturday Night. 

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