Spicy Nene: Stay Woke, It's all a Game!

21 July 2019
Let me answer all of your questions now. Does Esther just enjoy attention? Is Gedoni playing with Khafi? Is Seyi just playing the game?
<p>Stay woke, its a game</p>

Does Esther Just Like the Attention?

Before I begin please know that I stan a winning queen! Weldone Esther on shaping these Housemates into a bunch of winners. Now we all have different methods and yours were, uhm, interesting but hey a win is a win sis! 

It’s obvious that Esther doesn’t want Frodd, the babe wants Nelson and you only need one eye to know that. That being said, even after she rejected she was very friendly towards to him. I mean the man likes you Esther, you have put him through heartbreak for the world to see but he is still in your corner, so maybe don’t grind on him at the party then go sleep with Nelson. I honestly think that queen Esther likes the attention and likes to be liked.

Khafi Open Your Eyes!

Where do we even start? The Khafi and Gedoni ship was sailing so successfully that we decided  name, Khadoni. Outside the House we all knew that KimOprah and Gedoni used to date so even though we shipped Khadoni, we’ve been weary of Gedoni’s intentions with Khafi. No judgement because this is a game and he has to play it, but was he intentionally or unintentionally using Khafi to get KimOprah back?

I’m no relationship expert but Gedoni was way to distraught when KimOprah was Evicted. I get that KimOprah gave him Bet9ja coins, but I have borrowed money from a lot of people and I would not wail the way that Gedoni did if they even left the country! All I’m saying is I smell a rat and that rat is Gedoni’s affection for Khafi.

I don’t know what pains me more, the fact that Khafi said her heart was arrested on Day 15 in front Africa or the fact that police officer Khafi knows the truth but is blinded by that good looking man. Anyways this is the drama I signed up for, I’m watching this ship sail straight into a giant iceberg with a large glass of wine, who is with me?

Is it just a game Seyi?

Seyi won became the Veto Power Holder but declined to use his power of Save and Replace. He wowed me, but I have three questions, was this a strategy, is he truly such a kind human being or is he a mumu? I have watched Seyi and I think he is a genuinely kind human being, but not this kind o, I have also heard him speak sense so I know he is not a mumu. 

So that only leaves strategy, I don’t know what game this man is playing but I am here for it! These Housemates always Nominate safe because they are scared to offend fanbases so they always Nominate the Veto Power Holder so that they don’t have to be the bad guy. Seyi flipped it for them and now they have to Nominate how they really want to Nominate. Go Seyi!

I need to head out, I'm late for lunch but let's catch up on Twitter shall we? We still have to talk about Diane and those 27 Merike kisses!

It's all a Game

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