Spicy Nene: Pick A Struggle!

10 August 2019
Fellow Big Brother Naija gossip lovers, gather here for gist about the Pepper Dem gang! And o, you will need something a little stronger than tee.

What’s Housemates struggling to find a tent to camp in? Or is it that cupid keeps missing his and is shooting in different directions? Anyway, let’s get right into the gist.

Hunger Games Where?

Wait o, did I miss it? Aren’t the Pepper Dem Housemates supposed to be on hunger strike this week? Why then do I see their mouths moving every time I tune in? Pizza here, lamb chops there. Oh is that ice cream I see? (*rolling eyes).

Just the other day, Venita and Tacha were involved in a food feud and at some point, I thought Venita was going to pounce on Seyi as she ranted about how he, Tacha and Mercy were the ones who were in the kicthen a lot.  She got up from where she was seated in the garden with much speed and fury. She did however seem to simmer down when she entered the kitchen area where Tacha and Seyi were. The fire with shich she left the garden area to go tune Seyi with was met equally by Tacha who quickly retorded that she should keep her name out of her mouth. A barking dog that doesn't bite perhaps? 

And what about the time Omashola and Esther had an egg-fight and Frodd stepped in to defend his love for eggs. Or should I say love for Esther? Anyway, I’ll come back to that.  Whatever the case may be, Wager loss or not, the Pepper Dem gang do not play when it comes to food… and gossip.

To Your Tent, O Frodd!

At this point, Biggie needs to put signage in his House to help cupid shoot his arrow in the right direction. Why is Frodd acting so confused? Maybe he has two hearts, perhaps?

Venita is feeling the guy abeg. Why else would she pick up a lover’s quarrel because she overheard Frodd and Esther have what might have seemed like a reconciliation chat? Just barely twenty-four hours after his fight and make up session with Venita, oga Frodd was seen on Esther’s bed last night. It’s either he’s enjoying the drama that comes with the love triangle or he just enjoys chasing two women at the same time.

With all the cries he shed for love and the fights with Omashola for the same love, one would think he’d be a love guru by now. Seriously guys, let’s help Frodd choose a ship to sail instead of playing with our heads like this.


Before we delve into this, I’d like to thank whoever came up with this couple tag for Tacha and Seyi. I mean, they’ll make a good spicy couple, right?

What I don’t understand is why Seyi picked Esther as his partner in the HoH room. One would have thought that it would be no brainer choosing Tacha, especially since we’ve seen the sparks between them. Or am I missing something?

Remember when Seyi confessed to Biggie that he Nominated Tacha because of his fears of getting really close to her, especially since their time in the Secret Room? Well, it’s now clear that the two of them have hidden feelings for each other. Did you see when Tacha and Joe had a fight and Seyi stepped in to settle the matter, as HoH? We know you were trying to fight for your girl though, we see you Seyi!

I really hope this ship sails, although I doubt, considering the fact that they have their individual lovers outside the House. It wouldn’t be a bad idea having a ship from them sha!

Tabling Khafi’s Matter

Okay, can someone explain what the deal is with Khafi and Gedoni. Last week, they had a chat about Venita coming in between their ship and this week, she was getting relationship advice from Tacha, Mike, Ike, Mercy…let’s just say all the Housemates (and even Biggie) got involved in her relationship palava.

Apparently, Gedoni had been spending most of his time with Venita in the House, which got Khafi upset as seen from the drops of tears she shed. It was appalling seeing our very own cheerful Khafi in a moody state all through the day. I almost thought I was attending a funeral while watching her on my screen that day.

After a series of advice from the resident relationship experts, Khafi went back to her man to iron out their differences. They sealed the night with kisses and words of reassurance.

However, it’s just not been the same in the Khadoni ship, I mean Khafi even moved back to her bed. I don’t know what’s going on with this couple but it’s nice to see them mingle with other Housemates. Don’t you think?

What! No After-party Drama?

You mean to tell me that I stayed up all night waiting for a dose of the Oppo after-party drama but got nothing? Wow! These Housemates don’t even rate me.

 As we’ve seen since the beginning of their stay in the House as Biggie’s guests, the Pepper Dem gang have consistently given us drama after every Saturday Night Party. Imagine my shock when I had a night watch in my house, awaiting drama on my screen but ended up seeing Frodd and Esther trying to rekindle old flames. Wait o, can Frodd be a man and sail just one ship instead of merry-go-rounding in cupid’s waters?

What could have happened though? Did they get too matured for drama overnight? Or was it just the fear of losing their Oppo Runway Task? Hmmm… I bet it’s because there wasn’t much drinking, seeing that they were already exhausted from the Task preparation.

Anyway sha, I’m going to pay for my subscription now, so I don’t miss out on this Saturday Night Party. I bet this would come with loads of enveloped drama and fights from the Housemates. *Fingers crossed. Shhhh… Don’t judge me.

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