Spicy Nene: Oya Totori Me

31 August 2019
Hello there! I’m back and guess what? Wait, before I get into anything else, who else is loving the new cup of Khafi? I mean asides the crying sessions and the “Oh Gedoni!” moments, she’s gradually becoming the Housemates’ fave.
Spicy Nene

Now back to the guess…  You’ll be the gist plug this time around! How? You’ll find out. Now let’s get right into it.

Khafi’s Worst Nightmare

Awww, my girl has been crying ever since the love of her life was Evicted. I would have cried too if that was me. But did you see the way he knelt down after Ebuka called his name for Eviction? What type of behaviour is that? At least cry small, pretend to be sad for a bit. Don’t just fall on your knees and raise your hand up like Ebuka announced that you have won the 60 million Naira. Just imagine your boo rejoicing because he will be leaving you? I would have dragged him back to explain himself. It’s only the Big Brother Ninjas that would have been able to snatch him from me.

I’m just hoping this time away from him will be enough time for Khafi to clear her head and realise what she really wants. This one that she’s even saying she hopes he will be waiting for her with ring outside the House sef. Na wa ooo. Don’t go and set yourself up for heartbreak sha.

Loyalty Ko, Loyalty Ni

Frodd can act like a baby sometimes. Just refuse to let them play with your toy and he will remind you of his 18th birthday of how you didn’t let him play with your toy when you were 5 years old. This has to be the best explanation because I don’t know why he is still troubling Ike for not Saving him from Nomination.

He mentioned it before and he is still doing it again. I’m just happy Mike was there to serve him hot. What of the time he put Ike’s boo up for Eviction? He didn’t remember that time. Now he is crying because Ike didn’t Save him. No be only loyalty. Abeg he should go and sit down jor.

Baby Girl Is Bouncing Back!

Hmmm, what is this I see. I don’t even know how to feel about the Khafi and Omashola’s closeness. Anyway, if it will comfort her and take her mind off Gedoni, I fully endorse it. But na wa o, how many days do we mourn old lovers before finding comfort in the arms of another? They don’t waste time in the Pepper Dem House sha.

I remember that time Esther was doing like a widow when Nelson left, look who is now doing ruff and tumble under the sheets with Frodd. This life sha, it’s just a pot of beans. Let’s see what this Omashola and Khafi’s friendship will turn into. It’s sha too early to judge.


I’m not sure of what I was expecting from Tacha after Jackye’s Eviction was announced but I sure did not expect her to be so unbothered. I mean did you see Tacha’s resting b**ch face as she sat on the chair? Amidst the hugs and goodbyes from the other Housemates, there sat Tacha looking unimpressed and didn’t even move an inch.

More like she was trying to pass a message. I wouldn’t blame her though, how else would I react to someone that gossips about me and my anklets?

For The Love Of Peanuts!

The only thing the Pepper Dem Gang fight about is food; interestingly, the only thing they bond over with is food…and gossip. Oh well, Frodd has been the resident food fighter in the past couple of weeks and it was no surprise seeing him fight not only one but two Housemates over the subject matter.

The funny thing is that the fight was not his own o. Why did he now carry it on his head like bread? Of course, you can guess why – Esther! Let me give you the gist. So Esther apparently likes peanuts, for this reason, Frodd went straight into the food won by his team during the Wager and picked a whole damn bottle for his girl. Wait o, for someone that wasn’t even active during the food buying process, he should have been given three pieces of peanuts instead. Imagine the guts!

That’s how Cindy confronted him regarding it o and uncle was forming warrior in front of Esther. Next thing, Elozonam came to confront him about the peanuts and before I could blink, they started throwing words at each other.

Is it weird that I found Elozonam sexy while he was fighting? I just kept looking at those arms as Diane held him back from fighting.

Later this week, Elozonam confessed to Biggie that he regrets losing his cool and having a fight with Frodd over food. Seyi also had the same confession to make and I can’t help but wonder if no one dares challenge the food warrior himself – Frodd!

Iron Tears

What happens when the iron lady lets out the waterworks, not once but three times? Ever since her tears after Nelson’s Eviction, Esther’s floodgates have been left open. Lost the Wager Challenge? Tears! Lost the HoH battle? More tears!

Should we expect more tears from her? It’s funny seeing her in those tears though, knowing how hardened our iron lady can get. Thankfully she has a ready-made shoulder to cry on. Must be nice.

Speaking of Challenges…

Ike Playing Kilmonger

He might bear semblance to Kilmonger, but Ike clearly doesn’t have the same balls to fight for the throne. For the first time in the Pepper Dem House, we would have seen an epic battle for the HoH position as Ike contemplated challenging Khafi for it.

How did we even get here sef? Okay, so Khafi was announced by Biggie as the winner of the building block puzzle Task making her the Head of House, but Ike felt he it should have been him seeing as he was the one to hit the bell first after completing the Task, but Biggie sees more than what the ordinary eyes see. While it was celebrated amongst others, Ike was ready to petition against the win. After consulting Biggie and initially agreeing to go ahead with the Challenge, some of his fellow Housemates like Omashola and Seyi advised him to let go, since he already possessed the VPH power.

My own question is, what if he didn’t win the re-match? Wouldn’t there be a consequence for that? Well, maybe that’s why he dropped the petition. I know how bad you want the HoH room, Ike, but maybe do better for Mercy next time yeah?

Come Through With The Pepper, Cindy!

Wait o, who here said Cindy is quiet? Baby girl is not in that House to play. In the Pepper Dem House, the fear of Tacha is the beginning of wisdom but not for Cindy.

On the subject of chair issue, Cindy was ready to scatter the House but the fear of Strikes probably held her back. I’m sure you’re wondering why Tacha did not fight back. Well the fear of a third Strike, they say…

Okay, it’s time to go, guys, my tailor hasn’t delivered my Saturday Night Party outfit so I’m going to beg Mercy for a dress; I hope the Ninjas will help me pass the message to her sha. See you next week!

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