Spicy Nene: It’s Getting Hot In Here!

03 August 2019
This week, Biggie introduced new members to the Pepper Dem gang. I'm here to give you the gist on that and more as e dey hot!
<p>Nene new look</p>

Hmmm… I don’t even know where to start the gist from but before I get into it, let me give you a minute to grab your popcorn and drinks. Ready? Come with me and let’s go on this gist ride… Sorry, gossip ride? Whatever, we move!

Atarodo Like No Other

We asked Biggie for pepper and he gave us the hottest of them all! Five new members of the Pepper Dem gang? What? I sure didn’t see that coming and neither did the Housemates. Well, Mercy and Tacha can testify. If only looks could kill, LOL! Anyway sha, I can’t wait to see the shades of spice they’ll bring to my screen.

Who else noticed that in less than three days, the additional peppers to the gang have given us all shades of heat? Ah, let me gist you.

Upon Joe’s arrival, he was seen with Khafi having some passionate hugging sessions. Jeff being the ITK (I too know!) that he is, he let it slip that Joe and Khafi have a history but Khafi quickly shut him up even before his words dropped. That’s not all o, Joe kept telling Khafi that the House had changed her and in his words, “I’m here for you.”

It seems though that Khafi did not want Gedoni to know about this. They had an awkward encounter later in the week when he commented about them knowing each other. This seemed to make Khafi uncomfortable and if I could read her mind, I bet N1000 that she was probably saying to herself "abeg, don't ask me any more questions about my time with Joe!"

It remains to be seen how she plans to manage the situation going forward.

The Battle Of The Smartest

Omashola cried to Ebuka about the shortage of ladies in the Pepper Dem House and Biggie decided to throw in three ladies to balance the equation. So you mean to tell me that with these beautiful ladies in the House, Omashola and Frodd have decided to camp under the same tent? Na wa o!

The funniest thing that happened this week was when Omashola confessed his feelings to Venita and within the same hour, Frodd was found telling her about running a luxurious bath for her in the Head of House room. What a time to be HoH!

Poor Venita even had to move beds because in her words, “Omashola is starting to get too aggressive for me”. Oh well, must be nice having two strong men fight for your attention, right? I need this in my life right now. *Deep sigh*

Threading Wars

Just after her fight with Gedoni last week Saturday, Mercy went into war with Omashola during their Task preparation. For some reason, Omashola had a problem with Mercy wanting to take a quick nap amidst the Thursday Task preparation. A frustrated Mercy was quick to defend herself by telling him that she regretted selecting him to join her group because he’s an empty vessel. Wow! The tension here could cut through my skin; don’t you think?

Break Up To Make Up

Our resident Coin bandits broke up! You heard right, Ike and Mercy broke up earlier this week. Let me take you through it. I mean, why else am I here?

Remember when they both stole Esther’s Bet9ja Coins? Well, sister Mercy decided to repent and drag Ike along with her. Of course, our gangsta wasn’t having it and insisted on keeping the Coins for rainy days like immunity or time with the family. Thinking about it, Ike was right, you know? Anyway, after much convincing, Mercy asked Ike to either return the stolen Coins or lose her but to my surprise, Ike let her walk away while he still had the Coins in his pockets. What? This is the real definition of money over everything.

I’m not sure if it’s because of the introduction of gorgeous ladies into the House but as soon as the BB Naija Twist kicked off, Mercy took her duvet back to Ike’s bed and patched things up with Igwe Ike. I can’t even blame her; it’s secure your man season!

Relationship Nuggets

Our certified relationship counsellor – Mercy, has recently been dishing out some relationship advice to Khafi on the subject of the Khadoni ship. Did she not just come out of a breakup though? Let me drink water and mind my business oo.

Where was I? Ehen! Mercy started by telling Khafi to focus on the 60 million Naira at stake, rather than having her eyes on Gedoni, to which Khafi nodded in approval. Khafi has been feeling insecure about her relationship with Gedoni, which made her seek counsel from Mercy – seeing that they’re both in steady ships in the Pepper Dem House. Guess who’s making her feel insecure? Venita! Apparently, Venita told Mercy that she finds Gedoni attractive and asked if Khafi is willing to share him. See why I said these new Housemates are ready to serve pepper hot hot!

Later on, Khafi was seen telling Gedoni that she doesn’t care if Venita thinks she’s always with him but he’s her man and she’ll do whatever she wants. Chai I must love ooo.

I’m just looking forward to partying with them this Saturday, especially with that new guy Elozonam *wink wink*.

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