Spicy Nene: E Shock Me Sha!

28 September 2019
I need you to go grab some popcorn before we begin this amebo. Please grab some suya on your way for me oo. I need some refuel too. Anyway, what’s popping y’all? Who missed me?

Anyway, I was on my own oo planning on how to look for another career since my amebo business will come to an end after the Season is over. That’s how I started hearing the insults I’ve never heard since my mother gave birth to me.

Before that, let’s get into the star moments of the week…


The Pepper Dem Gang are really on a cruise this Season o. Meeting Nigeria’s finest celebrities no be beans o and in just a week, the Housemates were treated to special dinner luxuries with the stars.

My very own Mama G was in the House and nobody even called me, it’s fine Biggie, you’re forgiven. I’m just glad the Pepper Dem ten got to dine with the stars, what a better way to celebrate them. Right? Well, that’s how star do.

The Ghen Ghen Eviction

The Housemates were planning on how to rock the Pepper Dem dancefloor on Saturday Night and that’s how Biggie announced that they should get ready to receive his guest. Na Davido? Abi na Wizkid? I was already booking Uber to the House o, that’s how I heard that Ebuka was in the House. I knew the Housemates were already in trouble. Ebuka in the House? Ah, e don happen.

Before I got into the building, I saw Ebuka walking out of the Pepper Dem House with Cindy leading the way. Ehn hello, excuse me, what’s going on oo? Biggie is that how you use to do? But wait first, Cindy didn't go like that oh, babe started the fight of the season! I'm going to leave it there because I'm still processing" 

I didn’t even get to say goodbye to my favourite foodie in the House. I see you Cindy, I wish you the best in your future endeavours.

Thanos, Who?

Frodd snapped his fingers and immediately, five Housemates were up for possible Eviction. Someone should call Thanos and tell him to hand over the infinity gauntlet abeg, I can’t shout. This week, Frodd had the power to null the Nominations and put his preferred Housemates up for Eviction.

Who would have thought that a picture would bring so much power? If Cindy knew, she would have just carried the Red Box with all her might and power. Maybe, just maybe, Biggie would have given her that Ultimate Power. Abi?

Spoilt Kids

Ever since these Housemates started spending their Bet9ja Coins and living lavida loca in Biggie’s House, they’ve not even taken it easy on us. Spa session today, movie treats tomorrow, they’re just throwing the money all over the place.

They’ve moved from Pepper Dem Gang to Money Gang. One question Housemates, can I please sit with you?

Alright guys, my time don finish oo. I want to go and gather enough money to Vote for my favourite Housemate. Who are you rooting for o? Ehen before I go, please help me beg Biggie to invite me to the finale, I promise not to carry my amebo there.

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