Spicy Nene: Of Gluttony, Strikes and Ships!

17 August 2019
This week gave us gluttons, the Strike lords and many more. Missed the hot gist that went down in the House? Don’t worry your gist plug is here.
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Wait oo, before I start downloading gist for you guys, I want to speak my mind... So no one could even look for me or send me “I miss you" food? I like food oo (Please help me pass this message across to Heritage Bank). Speaking of food, let’s get right into my first gist for you.

Hunger or Gluttony?

At this rate, the Pepper Dem Gang should add “long throats” to their title. You know when you go out with your parents and you’re being offered food, then you receive the death stares when you’re eating too much? Well, the Housemates didn’t notice Biggie’s stares during the Heritage Tor Tiv Task.

As expected, Heritage Bank adorned the Housemates in gorgeous attired to suit the theme of this week’s Coronation Task, where they celebrated the coronation of the Tor Tiv – Seyi. Not only did they bring the traditional attires to the House, they also brought all types of food for the Housemates.

As if they don’t eat enough food in Biggie’s House, these Housemates were caught stealing pieces of food as they ate and kept their straight faces. Ah, Cindy and Venita, I hail oo.

Biggie seeing that his guests were having the time of their lives doing what they know how to do best – eat, he gave them ten seconds to take as much food as they wanted back into the House. Come and see how these Housemates disgraced Biggie, like they were being starved or something. Ah, even Khafi could not walk properly as she struggled to with the huge bowl of pepper soup she carried back into the House. Na wa oo!

Please don’t say I’m hating abeg, I’m just angry that Biggie didn’t invite me to feast with the Pepper Dem Gang. Maybe by now, my stomach would be competing with sugar daddy Seyi’s own. (Shhh, don’t tell him I said so).

Biggie Strikes Again

For the second time this Season, Big Brother rewarded his naughty guests with well-deserving Strikes and I can’t help but wonder if Ike’s strategy is gathering as many Strikes as he can get. The Strike marathon began when Biggie summoned the Housemates and had a throwback Monday session with them. They got to see how badly behaved they had been in the House.

I’m not sure why it was entertaining watching Mercy and Ike’s hilarious couple goals moments after Mercy’s clash with Gedoni. Oh well, I guess Biggie didn’t find it funny because this earned her a warning.

Hmmm oga Joe promised to serve us some drama by looking for trouble in the House and guess what he served us this week? Drama, of course! What I don’t even understand is why he went to disturb Tacha of all the Housemates in the House. Was he trying to understand her “characteristics”?

Trust Tacha to serve it hot hot and she did not fail to constantly remind him of how stupid he is and she even went ahead to hit his hand when Joe took his irritation to another level. How dare you touch Tacha’s duvet, Joe? For their acts of indiscipline and provocation, they both earned a Strike each.

Lastly, our Strike lord – Ike, was not left out in the distribution of Strikes. Remember his screams, “f*ck that ice cream, my n*gga,” well, Biggie proved to the Housemates that nothing goes unnoticed in his House. For this reason, Ike earned his second Strike in the game for attempting to physically assault Seyi.

Be careful Ike, no Coins can save you if you earn another Strike oo.

A New Type Of Heat?

It’s been barely two weeks and these new members of the Pepper Dem gang are already going into war. Yes! The content I signed up for.

During a solitude ‘Ludo’ game with herself, Enkay refused to let Cindy play the huge board with her. Please if you know why, give me a call and let me know. Me I just don’t know what the big deal is in playing the game sha. Speaking of which, can Biggie give me that customized ‘Ludo’ board? It’s really fancy and big enough to see your wins or losses when playing the game.

A Chosen Side

I know that I put Frodd under pressure to camp under a tent and stop playing around with two hearts in the House. What I did not expect is him going under the same camp that led to his cry sessions in Biggie’s House. Na so love be? I want to love oo.

We can only hope things work out well in the Frodd and Esther ship, seeing that Frodd has already made up his mind with what his heart truly wants.

Ehen this brings me to Venita’s response to Ebuka when she was asked about her situation with Frodd. According to the sexy resident milf, Frodd only used her to cure his lonely heart, following Esther’s initial rejection of his love.

So you mean to tell me that this boy is going back to this same side? Must be nice. I only have one advice for Biggie, please supply us with more tissue boxes so we can also help Frodd cry again (if need be).

Captain Gedoni

Having talked about the stormy seas the Khadoni ship was taking last week, it’s refreshing seeing them sort out their relationship issues – with Gedoni taking the lead of emotions this time.

What do I mean? I don’t know if it’s because he missed Khafi by his side every minute or the fact that she easily moved on without looking at him twice in the House (in fact, she started dressing really well and had the popular break up glow). Whatever the reason, this seems to have drawn Gedoni closer to her.

I mean for the first time, I finally heard him profess his love for her in the Garden, the Room and everywhere else they stepped foot in. Yes, Gedoni! Go get your woman back.

What I found really cute this week were the reassuring words he kept feeding her and how he made it clear that he made a mistake letting her go. If this isn’t cute, I don’t know what else is. Do you agree?

It’s really nice seeing Gedoni steer the Khadoni ship this time as he tries to save his relationship. The question on my mind is, what direction is he steering the ship towards? We can only wait and see.

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