Spicy Nene: Back With Premium Gist

27 July 2019
I rounded up the weekly events in the House and dished out all the gist you missed out on.
nene spicy

I'm baaaaaaaaaaack. Who missed me? You did? You too? Even you? Awwww, are you sure it's me you missed or my juicy Pepper Dem gossip? Anyway, I'm back again, and as usual, with premium Pepper Dem gist. A lot has happened in these past few days and trust me, nothing has slipped under my radar and now, it’s time to dish it.

So ladies and gentlemen, shall we?

For The Love of Food

These Housemates can eat! It's almost like every time I see them they are either eating or cooking what they will eat. Nelson is already looking a lot rounder than the Nelson we saw on stage with Ebuka. Sir Dee's cheeks look like someone stuffed puff-puff on both sides. I don’t even want to get started on Mike and Frodd. See, don’t get me wrong ooo, I like people with a healthy appetite (I mean, I’m a full course meal myself, and I love when my man eats… wait…I am deviating… Focus Nene! Focus!), but it just seems like these Housemates have voracious appetites.

Who else noticed how much they eat a lot?

I just hope they plan on hitting the gym hard once they leave the House.

Love or Shackles?

Frodd is still stuck in this his romantic obsession with Esther. After getting rejected and crying on TV, I thought Frodd will dust his slippers and keep it moving. Mba! He still keeps coming back and Esther keeps toying with his heart before running to shelter in the arms of Nelson. Who will save Frodd though? I don’t even know if this is true love or sort of strategy. Let us join hands in prayers for this young man. Let him experience the joy of freedom.

Rookie Mistake

When I said these Pepper Dem Housemates love food, I am sure some of you called me a hater. Now see how food got Ike in trouble. Because of food, you told your bae that another girl’s food tastes better. What kind of rookie behaviour is that? Even if your babe cooked salt for you, you should smile and while the spoon of salt is still in your mouth, tell her it tastes like heaven. Cause if you say otherwise, chances are you will be going to heaven that day. Anyway, for those who don’t get the gist – basically, Ike told Mercy he preferred Tacha’s scrambled eggs to hers. I think he got off lightly. If I was Mercy, I would have shown him Pepper. On the low though, this might also be part of the reason Mercy was squeezing face when Tacha returned to the House. If the person that can snatch my man with food comes back to live under the same roof with us, I will squeeze face too. She is right to be worried though. Ike confessed to Frodd that he might like Tacha. There’s really no satisfying this young man.

Guys Gossip Good

You thought Diane, Mercy, and Thelma were the Queens of gossip? Mtcheeeeew! Have you met Nelson, Sir Dee, and Gedoni?  See, the way guys gossip in the House ehn? These guys can gossip! In short, I feel like a learner compared to them. If they are not talking about who likes who and who is moving to whose babe, they are gossiping about someone’s strategy. The major gist of the gossip is the Nelson, Esther and Frodd’s love triangle. While Frodd is gossiping with Jeff and Sir Dee about Nelson, Nelson is gossiping with Esther, Mercy, Sir Dee and Gedoni about Frodd. Sigh! I know, it’s a lot to take in. I am overwhelmed myself. The summary of it all is – Frodd sees Nelson as a threat to a relationship with Esther and Nelson thinks Frodd is childish for bitching about him to the other Housemates about his closeness with Esther.

The Gist we’ve all been waiting for – The Return

But the really hot gist is the return of Tacha and Seyi. I was laughing my ass off as the Housemates prepared for their return. See ehn, just pray you won’t go out of your way to welcome your enemy. You know that bible verse that says ‘Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies?” This was almost the exact thing, except… now, this is the funny bit, the Housemates were the ones that prepared the table and food themselves for the ex-Housemates who they thought were celebrity guests. I am still in tears.

Now, let’s give it up for the Housemates. They were able to keep it together for the first few minutes after Tacha and Seyi walked in. The hugs and fake smiles were in abundance. Once they got to the dinner table, the crack in their fake smiles started showing. Before I continue, I need to talk about Diane briefly. Diane, Diane, Diane! How many times did I call you? I love you! She kept a straight face all through dinner. Hardly did she smile all through. She clearly wasn’t here for the fake Love. It wasn’t just her; Mercy and Diane weren’t having it neither especially when Tacha read out her letter. It’s quite understandable that the Housemates feel threatened by their return and also disappointed they weren’t the guests they were expecting. I would feel the same way too. But the night didn’t turn out bad. Mike and Tacha ironed out their issues after he shook the table during his welcome speech. All seems calm now, but for how long?

A Couple that Steals together.

The Coin Bandit strikes again and this time, he is not alone. Ike and Mercy have taken their love to another level. They have started stealing Bet9ja Coins together and from the looks of things, they are graduating to setting other Housemates up. In case you missed it, right after the Arena Games, Esther found out her Bet9ja Coins had been stolen. I don’t know if I should admire them or despise them. What do you think?

Off to the Party

Anyway, that's enough gist for now. let me go get ready for the party. I heard we can now party with the Housemates. Be on the lookout for me. Too bad Tuoyo, the love of my life and the stirrer of my loins got Evicted. I'm going to miss that sexy, bare chest... Oh lord, who will quench this thirst of mine now?

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