Some of the coolest Battles Tweets

14 August 2017
The Battles stage reached its peak last night and Twitter “streets” were abuzz.

With only one Battles episode to go, Twitter fans kept the timeline abuzz last night and for the better part of this morning and today we bring you some of the coolest things they had to say.

While most tweets were about how they were enjoying the show, there were those that somewhat prompted one to let out a giggle.

Fans also acknowledge the tough decisions made by the Coaches after each Battle, when they have to pick one Talent for the Lives, as seen below:

That being said, they couldn’t forget mentioning the fact that the Talent on the Show is really good at what they do.

Oh, but of course, there were favourites and as always, they didn’t hesitate pointing out which Talent did it for them during the Show, as seen here:

It’s the final Battles episode this Sunday. The road to the Lives has grown thin by the day. Make sure you don’t miss this week’s episode!


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