The 6 Times AMVCA 2018 Gave us Goosebumps

05 September 2018
This being the 6th edition of the AMVCAs, we thought it would be fun to countdown our six special moments from this prestigious event.

We're tempted to say in no particular order but ehmm maybe to a certain extent, yep!. However, the following six moments still ring in our heads as we reminisce of AMVCA 2018. 

6. The Red Carpet Fashion.

Grammys move over, The Oscars please take your seat, Africans know how to walk the Red Carpet sha! From ballgowns to minis to 'floor-sweping' gowns, the ladies brought it. Then the guys showed up real good too - exploring colour, texture and prints was the order of the day and we loved everything we saw.

5. Trending in Big Places - very BIG PLACES!

London, USA, South Africa and of course Lagos - the AMVCA 2018 trended in all these places and for good reason as it definitely was a night of the stars!

4. When IK Showed us that he's got some good pipes on him.

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So here's the deal. We kind of knew that IK could sing but those were The Voice Nigeria kind of pipes there son. What?! Look at her eyes now!

3. The speeches and Cobham's Nollywooded "One Hit".

"I am not Adjetey, he is a man and I am his wife" - Adjetey's wife when she received and Award on his behalf.

"This is my first time to board a plane and I came to Nigeria and my first time to win an Award" - Nyce Wanjeri for Best Actress in a Comedy.

Then there was Cobham's performance:

2. Bisola's Award Acceptance Speech Moment.

When Bisola flew onto stage for her Trailblazer Award and that speech girl, you were on fire up there. 

1. That "Na Dem Dey Rush Us" Moment.

Everyone was in stitches when fine boys Charles Inojie aka Chanojie and Konga CEO Nick Imudia pulled a fast "NA DEM DEY RUSH US" just before presenting an Award. You've got to see this again!

So there you have it, those were our Top 6 Memorable Moments from AMVCA 2018 but do feel free to share yours too. 

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