Breaking News: Six Housemates Up For Eviction

07 July 2019
Avala, Gedoni, Khafi and Isilomo, Omashola and Ike up for Eviction.

Avala, Gedoni, Khafi and Isilomo have been notified by Biggie to pack their bags for possible Eviction. Surprisingly, Omashola and Ike were also asked to pack their bags for breaking the Big Brother Rules. All Housemates are expected to be fully packed in one hour.

Avala, Gedoni, Khafi and Isilomo have their low Bet9ja Coins to blame for being put up for likely Eviction. Each in possession of only 80 Bet9ja coins at the end of the first week in the House. Omashola and Ike’s near-violent outburst last night after the former’s Coins were stolen might be why they are up for possible Eviction. Biggie accused them both for breaking House Rules and pending when the issue will be addressed, both were asked to pack their Bags for Eviction.

Watch Omashola and Ike's Outburst after the Coin Theft.

Just before the announcement of the possible Evictees this morning, Jeff rounded up the Housemates and took a record of all the Coins each Housemate earned in the first week. At the end of the count, Avala, Gedoni, Khafi and Isilomo came up short. Being on the losing side of the Bet9ja Arena Games didn't help Avala's Coin earnings as she didn't earn any to wriggle her way out of possible Eviction. Gedoni, Khafi and Isilomo, on the other hand, were only able to secure 80 Coins despite their Team coming second at the Arena Games and each winning 70 Coins. 

Top Coin earners include Kimoprah and Jeff were the top Coin earner with 250 respectively. Tacha came close with 190 Bet9ja Coins, Tuoyo, 170 and Ike, 150. Not all the Housemates rightly earned their Coins. For some Housemates, it took a lot of lobbying, begging and negotiation. Frodd was seen begging Tuoyo for a loan with a promise to return on Tuesday while Ella promised to pay with interest to Kimoprah.

As the Hustle for Coins has turned the Housemates to Loan Sharks, Investment Officers and Coin bandits, there's an air of anticipation that the Pepper we've all been waiting for is about to get extra pepperish. 

Watch the Eviction Announcement.

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