Single and getting it – 53 Extra

19 November 2019
Uti and Idia join Eku for a spicy siddon' session
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We definitely stand in solidarity with those who aren’t afraid to downsize status quo and remain vocal about issues that shape and define our ‘tinsel towner’ culture, and on this week’s ‘round table’, we had the delectable Idia Eisien and compound kid, Uti Nwachukwu to help us dig into the multilayered cake, ‘ single and getting it’.

Idia was the first to stain her plate when she defined the notion as basking in the euphoria is ‘self-centeredness’ and deciding when and with whom to group up and settle down. Uti, on the other hand, described it as being able to exist and ride solo outside the pressures of tradition and society at large… Spot on.

Anything that concerns pleasing the masses is definitely limbo-linked because just as flawlessly put by Eku, society will bash you whether you choose to cross the stream by boat or swimming, and because we sabi behave, we’re certainly riding the wave of freedom of expression for men and women alike.

Uti got the ball rolling on the increased amount of pressure exerted on men since the stone age, and while they may be able to escape society’s fierce scalpel for longer, they too get punched into ‘rushed' matrimony.

Our civilization is constantly seeking age-based benchmarks to determine when maturity is at its prime, but in all honesty, no amount of scientific phenomena can clearly define the right age to do ANYTHING; so those of you being shot at, dodge the bullets and live your best lives… Osheey! Catch up with the highlight below. 

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