Journey to AMVCAs: October 1 - The Big Winner

26 November 2015
Last year at the illustrious 2015 AMVCAs the big winner for the night was 'October 1'. Have a look at how the movie achieved this impressive feat!
Journey to AMVCAs: October 1 - The Big Winner
The prestigious AMVCAs have become one of the pinnacles of success for filmmakers and the vast talents that make Africa's burgeoning media industry shine so bright. Just the prospect of being nominated in the awards encourages media practitioners to put their best foot forward and present their highest quality of work.

While everyone who takes part in the awards is simply phenomenal at their craft, every year there's at least one production that rises above the rest and literally scoops almost every award available!

Last year those spoils went to Kunle Afolayan and his film, 'October 1'. The movie walked away with an impressive nine whole awards out of the twelve catagories it was nominated in!

Here's a look at how this amazing feat was achieved:

Best Art Director: Pat Nebo – October 1

Best Make-Up Artist: Sacred by Lola Maja- October 1

Best Drama Writer: Tunde Babalola – October 1

Best Lighting Designer: Lanre Omofaye – October 1

Best Movie: October 1 – Kunle Afolayan

Best Actress: in a Drama Kehinde Bankole – October 1

Best Movie Director: Kunle Afolayan – October 1

Best Costume Designer: Deola Sagoe/Obijei Oru – October 1

Best Sound Editing: October 1 – Kulanen Ikyo

What film do you think will repeat this amazing feat at the 2016 AMVCAs?

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