Pepper Dem Gang's Embarrassing Moments

05 September 2019
The Pepper Dem Gang prove to us they are human like everyone else and they have embarrassing moments.
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Every now and then we get into situations we are not exactly proud of. We have aptly called these situations our embarrassing moments. Some we look back at and have a good laugh while some, we’ve tucked at the bottom of the files in our memory cabinets. Never to be revisited. The Pepper Dem Gang shared some of their embarrassing moments and before you cringe, just remember you’ve had yours too!

Getting Thonged Up

As kids, a few of us wanted to imitate the stars we saw on TV and what they do. From movie stars to wrestlers (so much for the ‘Do not try this at home’ warning) and music artists, life on the TV was always worth imitating.  So it was perfectly normal for Khafi Kareem to want to imitate what she saw on TV. Her most embarrassing moment was when she tried imitating the video vixens she saw in a music video. Nothing to be embarrassed by, right? Well, the vixens had thongs on and guess who didn’t have thongs and still wanted to pull it off? 😂 “I decided to squeeze my pants in my bumbum and dance in front of the mirror and my mum came in and saw me,” she revealed.

Farting Up The Moment

Now, the number one rule in the ‘farting code of conduct’ is to never own up no matter what. You might not have been able to hold the fart in, but you will have to hold this truth in. In Elozonam’s case, he stuck true to the code of the veteran ‘farters’. He said "I farted in a studio, a small one, and it stank. Everyone knew it was me but I refused to admit it.” All we can say is WOW!

The Split

Meet the ‘It feels satisfying dressed with no underwear’ gang. We can’t say for certain if Frodd belongs to this gang or he just wanted to try out something new, but either way, he definitely regretted his action. "My most embarrassing moment would be stepping out to lectures without underwear, and my trouser split into two ways when I lifted my legs to get on the bus," he shared.

We can’t help but imagine how the walk of shame went. Must have been a sight.

 The Chronicles of Ike

Drunk tales didn’t start today and they are not ending anytime soon. The strongest have been humbled by alcohol and Ike was once a victim. His embarrassing moment saw him not just getting drunk in the club, but also having to get carried out of the club and trying to get into fistfights with friends. One would think after that situation, Mr Gangstar would chill on the liquor. Nah, not Ike. He still had one too many drinks in the House and got into a couple of altercations. The most prominent being the one he had with Seyi earning him a Strike.

 Wow! This Is A Bit Dark!

Seyi once contemplated suicide over an item he took without the knowledge of the owner. “I tried to commit suicide over a gold wristwatch I borrowed from my Dad without his permission (stole) and he beat me senseless in front of the entire house staff, ” narrated Seyi.

We understand what it’s like getting punished in public. The shame! The stares! It rarely ever goes away. Years from the day of the incident, people will still bring it up like “Remember when daddy beat you like a goat for stealing his watch?” We are sure glad our resident sugar daddy didn’t go ahead with that thought. The Pepper Dem House won’t be the same without him.

The Case of the Ex

Not only can being turned down by your ex hurt, but it can also be quite embarrassing. Omashola, unfortunately, felt the weight of both and we feel his pain. When it comes to matters of the heart, sometimes one’s pride takes the back seat, but this doesn’t mean certain moments still won’t feel embarrassing. This was one of those moments for Omashola

Cindy’s case was different. She took ‘fighting for love’ quite literally. Not only did she get into a fight with an Ex-boyfriend’s side chic, but she also got her ass beaten and to top it off, her siblings are still mocking her till date. We would have suggested she beat them too, but what if she gets her ass handed over to her again?

Coming First from Behind

No one likes the least position in any competition. Neither does Mike and the memory of finishing last at the British Championships in 2014 still haunts him, making it his most embarrassing moment.

His fate seems to have changed in the Pepper Dem House. He hasn’t finished last in any of the Bet9ja Friday Night Arena Games and has even won one. Not bad Mike. Not bad. Hopefully, he gets new memories to help in suppressing the British Championship of 2014.

The Red Rage

The red lady has a way of dripping unannounced and some of our Pepper Dem Gang have had to have someone else tell them about their visitor. Tacha and Mercy have both experienced this while Diane had to walk around the market stained until she found someone who gave her a scarf to cover up.

Never Embarrassed

Sorry folks, no embarrassing story here. This is all Venita has to tell you. "I'm hardly ever embarrassed I don't get embarrassed easily to be honest because whatever weird or awkward situation occurs it's happened before to someone else. I’m human," she said, as a matter of fact.

To be honest, she said it best. We are all human and we all make mistakes. We all have moments that we aren’t proud of. What we shouldn’t do is dwell on those moments till it gets you in a mood. Just learn from those moments and keep it moving.

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