Omawumi and Waje serve friendship goals – Jollof with Me

31 December 2020
Wahala for who no get BFF o. This episode with Omawumi and Waje had us grinning from ear to ear.
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Realness! That’s one word that perfectly captures the vibe these two brought to last week Sunday's episdoe of Jollof with Me. Now can you imagine what happens in a room filled with four beautiful queens? Let’s have a look…

Chef Mary with the magic hands

You can’t mention Jollof with Me without our chef Mary – and this time around, she happily whipped up a meal for our guests and treated them to some freshly made banga soup with starch. Omo! We can’t even lie, this food made us salivate through our screens and we couldn’t help but enjoy the meal through Omawumi and Waje’s mouths.

The host like no other

Apart from serving the best cocktails, Nancy came through with her sweet smile and outfit goals on this episode. She made this chat a seamless one and her energy kept everyone glued to their screens. What’s there not to love?

Omawumi and Waje are real BFF goals

No one makes friendship look as good as Waje and Omawumi do. From sharing their wins and success stories, the synergy and lit vibes make it easy to stan hard.

Want to know some fun facts about these two?

  • These besties are not only coaches on music reality TV shows, they also mentor and groom upcoming music artistes. #Girlpower, right?
  • A while ago, Waje said she was tired of music and wanted to quit. When asked about the time she said she wanted to quit, she said that she has realised that this feeling comes with the job. According to her, everyone in the industry feels like this at some point but she was the only one that voiced out this feeling. We can all relate to this feeling of wanting to quit, seeing that it gets overwhelming sometimes. We feel you, Waje.
  • Omawumi gave us the mantra for 2021, which we definitely engraving in our hearts: “I feel no guilt when I want to relax,” she told Nancy as she explained how she enjoys taking breaks after a long period of working. Mood!
  • In case you didn’t know, Waje is the biggest member of the Beyhive. Someone should tag Beyoncé to this post please.
  • These two are not only amazing music artists, but they also produced one of the biggest Nigerian movies titled 'She Is'. See what we said about goals?

While we await the season finale, catch up on the latest episode here!

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