Nollywood royalty in the house!

15 December 2017
Our hostess Helen was totally fangirling over her "sugar daddy' and we totally get why! It's not everyday that you get to pick the brain of a heavyweight with over 50 decades of experience under his belt.

This week on Jara we got to chat to a Nigerian actor who needs no introduction with Helen recieving the honour of going one on one with the Prince! After enduring several minutes of Uti teasing her for getting her hair done extra nice it was time to roll camera and figure out what everyone wants to know, the secret to Mr Kosoko's success and longevity.

Our guest kicked everything off by acknowledging a greater power's hand in his success and attributing his five-decades-long run to God's grace. He still didn't shy away from telling it like it is however, reminding aspiring stars to get training and be as particular about managing their private lives as they are their professional careers. "Don't gate crash", he warned with a stern look washing over his face, "If you gate crash people can do whatever to you". Indeed, knowledge is power and before anyone rags on about how cliche that is, remember that the biggest cliche's a often the greatest truths of life. Preparedness and consumate professionalism will take you far!

On a more sombre note, the icon opened up about one of the lowest points in his life which was back in 1992 when he lost his first wife. It didn't help matters that this unfolded in the midst of a massive producition he was working on titled, 'The Spirit of Lagos'. In a testament to his tenacity he shouldered the distress he must have been feeling at the time and went through to National Festival of Arts and Culture in Abuja where they got critical acclaim and brought back to Lagos (for the first time ever) the Golden Gong Award!

After reflecting on years past it was time for Jide to flex his impressive, impromptu skills with Hellen challenging him to take on the role of a jilted lover while she played the nonchalant mistress who'd broken his heart by cheating. Have a look at the full take by watching the rest of the interview down below and share your fave moment on social media using "#AMJara".

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