No Ike Without Mike

21 August 2019
The unique male bond between Ike and Mike cannot go unnoticed in the Pepper Dem House. In fact, we can’t deny the fact that they’re serving ‘bromance’ goals in the House and we’re here for it.

Oh and in case you missed it, 'bromance' is a combination of the words – brother and romance.

Do you have that one friend that just gets you? Well, like the dynamic duo, Ike and Mike have stuck through thick and thin in Biggie’s House and we can’t get enough of it.

A Friend Indeed

The right occasion to test the friendship of the Housemates is at their time of need in the Pepper Dem House. For Ike and Mike, the moment they walked into the House and bonded over their common living space, the duo have constantly been found looking out for each other.

An evident display of this was seen after Ike’s second strike dished out to him as a reward for his fight escapades. In Mike’s words, “follow my steps to avoid fights in the House; I need to start watching your every move to make sure of that.”

We also can't forget when Mike was put up for possible Eviction by the Housemates and Ike gave him a piece of advice, "you do what you do and the Housemates can see the light in you; stop being nice to them, they don't deserve you," he said while trying to comfort his friend. Get yourself a friend like Ike!

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Business Barons

What’s better than having someone you can bounce ideas off of? We’ll leave you to answer that.

In a discussion where they discussed what the outside world had in store for them after the Pepper Dem game, Mike advised Ike on getting an agent that’ll help in organizing his business life amidst every other thing life may throw at him. An overly excited Ike listened with keen interest as Mike went on about how getting an agent helped him before getting into the House.

In addition to this, the pair take conscious efforts to have insightful discussions about the business world and in the process of doing so, they throw ideas and bits of advice to each other. What more speaks bromance goals? (*side note, we need a name for them, suggestions please).

1566404879 34 mike

Campaign Managers

When put up for Eviction, Ike and Mike do not fail to give Biggie (and the world) a reason or two on why either of them should be Voted for.

Citing the time when all the Housemates were put up for Eviction, Biggie asked them to reveal who they would like to Save, if they had the power to. In his response, Mike said he would Save Ike because “there’s no Ike without Mike and vice versa in the Pepper Dem House” and we can’t help but drool over this brotherly love.

Earlier this week Biggie also asked the Housemates to do a one-minute campaign for the Nominated Housemates; one Nominated Housemate each. We found it quite entertaining seeing Ike play a smart one as he split his campaign between Ike and Mercy. How cute!

1566404337 34 mike

This friendship sure looks like it will go beyond the House. Should we look forward to a Mike and Ike show? Something to ponder on.

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