Nancy hosts Mr. P – Jollof with Me

16 December 2020
In this episode, we find out why Nancy Isime describes Peter Okoye, a.k.a. Mr. P to be as creative as this episode’s meal. Keep reading to find out.

Music, dance, and everything nice… these were the ingredients used in creating the Nigerian music legend, Mr P! It was no surprise that he selected pounded yam, egusi soup, with goat meat and shaki as his preferred meal to be prepared by our able Chef Mary. A legendary dish for a music legend, right?

 In this second Jollof With Me episode, we uncovered fun facts we bet you didn’t know about Peter Okoye:

In his chat with Nancy, Mr P tells the story of how he used to sell mangoes at the age of nine; they were stolen mangoes. So, here’s our belated apology letter to the dear farmer: please forgive him. After selling mangoes for a short period at that age, he later started buying them alongside other fruits and sold these items to make money. We stan a nine-year old businessman.


While he was a part of P-Square, he used to do many side hustles to keep many streams of income flowing. These side businesses include: the Alingo cartoon, the Dance with Peter show, and a beverage factory. “Make money and invest in yourself,” he told Nancy. This advice sure comes in handy, especially to avoid getting financially drowned during a global pandemic like the one we’ve found ourselves in.

He loves chicken feet. Yes, you heard right. He defended himself saying, “I’m a twin, so while growing up, once they kill chicken in the house, they give one to Peter, one to Paul.” He claims all the sweet sauce ends up in the chicken feet because of how they stand. Do you agree too? He also  enjoys eating termites, crickets, and other insects alike. So, if you ever get to host him in your house, save yourself the stress of serving him green tea and bread for breakfast.

Anticipate his new album called, The Prodigal. Don’t get it wrong, its not the prodigal son; this album aims to define the term ‘prodigal’ as someone who is still running for his rights and doing what he knows how to do best. He says he’s the prodigal who has a son and this album represents him and his hustle. Go get your ears ready for 16 to 17 tracks that have never been heard before.


Lastly, Peen-yah-colada! Is one of his favourite cocktails, well this comes right after his number one cocktail – the prodigal, specially prepared by the baddest mixologist, Nancy.

No one rolls pounded yam and egusi better than Mr P. Dare to contest? See how he dived in here and make you do am if e easy.

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