Nancy hosts IK Osakioduwa – Jollof with Me

16 December 2020
Episode three features the best to ever do this thing called TV, the one and only IK Osakioduwa.

One thing this episode brought to our screens was the sauce served by these two hosts – Nancy and IK (Well, of course with Nancy being the host and IK being the guest on the show). As they sat on the couch, they both started off the conversation by talking about relatable hosting fears and how nerve-racking the job is.

Did you know that IK’s first day at his job in a radio station was not a pleasant experience? He practically was left to go on air without knowing anything about the job, before diving right into it. This embarrassing experience made him decide to work harder to avoid anything like that ever happening to him again. Is it safe to say that the embarrassment was good though? 😅 Look where that brought him… many years after that experience and he now owns his own radio station, Lite 95.5fm! Last last eh, good hustle always pays off o.

How does he feel to be the latest radio station owner?

He described it to Nancy as a humbling and exciting experience to be the youngest amid the big and older radio station owners in the country. “I feel like a new presenter when people come to tell me that they listen to my station,” he told Nancy.

How was he able to psyche himself to invest all his hard-earned money and put it all into his own show

He went on to talk about how he tried other options that he came across like joint ventures, OPM (other people’s money), entertainment loans, angel investors, and all sorts of investment plans and schemes but none of these options came through for him. At the end of the day, all these investment opportunities didn’t work out and it became a tough decision to make, but he had to take the risk to put his own money into his project.

When asked about family and its importance, IK told Nancy that he values family over everything. As you know, things may get rough in life, in your career or business, but one thing that will always keep you standing straight and secured, is your family. We bet you agree too.

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