Nancy hosts Basketmouth – Jollof with Me

06 December 2020
In the premiere episode of Jollof with Me, we found out things we did not know about Basketmouth.
Jollof with Basketmouth

Basketmouth (real name Bright Okpocha) graced our kitchen as the first guest of Jollof with Me hosted by Nancy Isime – and not only did he keep us laughing, he also told us a few stories behind the man.

Interesting facts about Basketmouth

1. This is how he slides into DMs.

No, we are kidding! 😂  We just loved that moment and wanted to share it. Let's get to it, shall we?

2. Bright Okpocha started his comedy career the moment he was booed off stage while attempting to get his hip-hop career off the ground. He and his crew were performing at Uniban and had blended afrobeat and hip-hop 👀 . The crowd was not having it and told them to get off the stage. Bright who was the king of heckling among his friends started comedically dissing the audience and by the end of his diss set, everyone was laughing. One man from the audience came up to him after the show and said: "You got basket mouth" – and this is where Bright's stage name originated.

3. During the interview, nancy brought out a plate with chopped onion, to find out why he chose it as his album cover. Turs out, the reason he named his album Yabasi is because they represent his fictional character Papa Benji, who not only represents Bright himself in many ways but who also has layers to him, much like an onion.

4. Papa Benji is a real pepper soup shop in Basketmouth's childhood town – and Papa Benji learning to cook pepper soup from his dad is a representation of Basktemouth learning how to cook pepper soup from his mother. 

Watch the Interview

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