Nairas here today, gone tomorrow! – Unmarried

27 February 2020
Funbi placed way too much faith on Chuka and ended up breaking her face.

Even with our years of solid experience in binge-watching shows highlighting characters like Funbi’s, we’ve never come across such oblivion and ‘head-above-the-clouds’ living, and it’s sad to say that her end could have been predicted by a toddler.

Now, we’re definitely well aware of the fact that to make it as a ‘Lagosian’, one must hustle like one. Funbi’ claws were obviously too blunt to hold Chuka in place, and her lack of ‘non-sexual’ personality had that married man flying off with another babe. Ouch!

We gotta give it to her though, her appeal had the man drawn in without a chute for a safe landing in case he fell, and he didn’t care; he could have broken his face for that matter, but for a man willing to constantly break his wedding vows, the face would have simply been collateral… Yes, we said it!

Funbi lost much more than the lux apartment and heavy car; she lost her direction and source of self-worth. Sad really!   

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