Mr P to the infinite power!

10 July 2018
If the notion 'contrary to popular belief' was a song, it'd be about Mr P's solo journey.

It’s true the trials are better faced as a team than individually and for a more than just a few years, Peter and Paul Okoye, previously known as P-Square, did just that. from battling to find a suitable band name to landing their first record deal through a competition, the brothers took Africa’s music scene by storm and as such, made a name for themselves both as a unit and individually. Now riding solo, Peter continues to defy the odds and now more than ever, has all his ducks in perfectly angled rows.

Despite having been trolled for being P-Squares’ weakest vocal link, Peter’s most recent solo projects ooze so much artistic juice that we can only attribute his slight absence to having fully submerged himself in the group’s rhythmic element and overall image, outside the booth. We certainly can’t shy away from the fact that it’s been very difficult to refer to one brother without the influence of the other, however, thanks to bangers such as Ebeano, we can’t help but shakushaku to Peter’s beat. The project boasts so many flawless elements that his son, Cameron Okoye had to make an appearance, an impressive one at that.  

In the name of expressing himself and creating for himself a vocal footprint that many doubted he could, Peter has just about nailed perfect artistic harmony, synchronizing his zest for acting and his innate gift, music.
While many of us still rely on bucket lists and resolutions, Peter juggles his passions on one hand and breaks the bank with other. Accolades when due.

from football academies to an array of endorsements, Peter is when on his way and we’re just here to cheer on and shout kudos. 
Have a look at Mr P's one on one with Mawuli below in case you missed out on 53Extra.


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