Mr and Mrs Afolabi – OPW

06 May 2019
OPW Nigeria brings you the most beautiful matrimonial fairytales in the land.

Basking in the kind of love that’s often carved in stone, the future Afolabi’s set off on their journey to a beautiful forever and what better way accelerate than through captured moments? Obviously full submerged in matrimonial feels, Adetutu and Sadiq swooshed through their pre-wedding shoot and to say the results were ‘still dreams’ would be a complete understatement.

From feeding our irises to caressing our oral pallets, next up was dessert tasting. Tutu’s chef ‘chieftaincy’ kicked it and gave the homemade delicacies huge neon-tinted ticks, agreeing to the ‘ice cream at a wedding’ pressure exerted by her taste buds.

Traditional D-day quickly swept by and brought with it the most beautiful cultural explosion to be served on screen and looking nothing short of royalty, our throbs took to the isle.
Sadiq was plated the honour of swimming in a pool of ‘fit for a king’ praises depicting the kind of husband he was to be and as if on synch mode, Tutu walked her walked and the two became one.

Age-old yet unwritten rules governing the proverbial Yoruba people state that a man may collect his wife soon after traditional formalities but our couple took it further. With their friends and loved one present to witness their sentimental magic, Adetutu and Sadiq were consecrated as Mr and Mrs Afolabi. A huge congratulations to them!

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