Day 5: Miyonse and Tboss sitting in a tree!

27 January 2017
What's really going on with these two. We break it down.

Miyonse is flirty and quite the ladies man but there’s one woman in the house he’s consistently tried to win over and that’s Tboss! He admitted before he came into the house that he’s into older women and clearly it shows. From cooking her special meals, to foot massages, to showering her with complements daily he’s done it all. He took things to the next level yesterday (Day 4) when he tried to kiss her and told her his “heart leaps with joy” when he sees her “beautiful face in the morning.”

Tboss on the other hand seems rather hot and cold in her conversation with the youngest lad in the house. Perhaps it’s because she’s older, more mature and her decisions are more considered. Whatever it is, she’s fended off his advances since they entered the house. That said every now and then she shows great care and even dedicated her poem to him during yesterday’s task.

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So what gives? Are the into each other or not? Perhaps the answer can be found in what Tboss shared during her campaign yesterday. Eyes welling up with tears, Tboss opened up about her struggles with being objectified as “easy” and “a bad girl’ all her life. Could this be the reason why she’s being so apprehensive? Perhaps Miyonse should take some of Efe's advice on chatting up ladies.

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