Miracle, king of accolades

19 June 2018
Despite all the fame and fortune, Miracle still manages to wear humbleness on his sleeves, proving that not even the sky is the limit
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While all hope to dance on the Manjaro floors and celebrate victories finally conquered, we’re never really able to fathom the magnitude of our dreams and if we were tasked with finding a prime example of the notion above, Miracle Ikechukwu would fit the bill on so many perfect angles. Here’s why.

Born in Owerri, Imo state, bred in Lagos and now being buttered on borderless realms, we can bet all the Naira in our piggy banks that this young man of the sky still asks to be pinched because his reality ignites splinters far brighter than those embedded in his hopes.

While average 24-year olds are either just entering the cut-throat market of survival or crossing their fingers while looking at their final college grades, Miracle stands tall as a Millionaire of merit.

Captain of his very own band of ‘loyals’, Miracle’s participation on the BBNaija show not only placed his portrait on the hall of fame alongside fellow successful alumni, Ebuka, Uti, Tayo Faniran, Efe and Lilian Afegbai to name a few, but also propelled him towards greater conquests. Known for his subtle no nonsense attitude and as constituent of the pair Mina, Miracle’s ability to make friends and convert ‘frenemies’ proved just why he was worthy of his golden wings. When asked if there’s a contrast between him and the Miracle in the game, the ‘Flyboi’ shone a light on how he strives on originality and authenticity.

There are certainly tons of things to be written and accolades to be listed but between bagging millions, meeting Governors, signing deals and making the sky his playing field, Miracle understands that the opportunity he’s feeding from has an expiration date and till, he aims to fully capitalize on it. That response alone earned him a loyal fan in Mawuli. If you missed this week’s episode, check out the full interview below.  

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