Memorable Quotes From The Pepper Dem Gang

06 September 2019
You know those lines we drop and we don’t know someone kept a record of them? Well, here are those memorable quotes from the Big Brother Naija Pepper Dem Gang.
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Be it in their mundane conversations or during a heated moment, Housemates have said things that have made us pause and think. While some were downright funny, others were not. Let's take a look: 

"Charity for who?" Cindy

The not so new Housemate showed us that she had no chill when it came to money matters in the House. The statement was made when the other Housemates were planning to donate the Innoson car to charity. Well, she cleared the Housemates on this one.

"If I decide to have your daddy, I will have him in a day, " Diane

The playful side of Diane was shown during a conversation with Esther, Seyi, Frodd and Sir Dee when she told other Housemates not to underrate her as she was capable of snatching the resident sugar daddy. 😉

"Throw away the diaper," Elozonam

Elozonam might look calm but when it's time to increase the heat, he brings it on full volume. This side of him came out when he and Frodd got into a quarrel about the cashew nuts that came with the Wager provisions.

"Everything is not hustle to me, I value brotherhood, "Frodd

Also called slow tiger (we wonder what kind of a tiger is slow), Frodd has always been a Peppery Housemate who doesn't hide his emotions at any time.  He has some colourful quotes to his name and one which stands out is this one to Ike concerning the Veto Power decision Ike made when he Saved Omashola. Frodd who admitted that he will take bullets for Ike was quite 'shook' about his Igbo brother's choice.

"F**k that ice cream my n*gga," Ike
Spoken like the true gangsta he is. Ike dropped it like it's hot in the quarrel he had with Seyi over ice cream after one of the Saturday Night Parties. The quote didn't die there as Ike's team etched the phrase on one of the costumes made for the OPPO Runway Task. Talk about cursing becoming creative. In that same conversation, Ike said: "Even God has a hard time controlling me." Gangsta of life, after you, na you.

"You know what I mean?" Khafi

Yes, baby, we know what you mean. Almost in every conversation, this Big Brother Naija Housemates has had, the question pops out and while we might like to believe that this is an unconscious thing, we hope someone in the House won't cut her short one day with a dicey reply. 

"You feel me?" Mercy

Lamborghini Mercy, anytime, any day you are felt so we don't think you need another person to tell you so. You feel me? oops😛

"You know what I mean?" Mike

Okay, we don't know if this is a thing people who have lived abroad have, but Mike we know what you mean most times.

"I no dey okay oh" ​Omashola 
King of the Diary Room and proud representative of Whafi kingdom has also made some remarkable comments in the Big Brother Naija House. The Pepper Housemate who seizes every opportunity to chant "Warri... streets" displayed some drama when his Bet9ja Coins were stolen in the House. In a moment of unrestrained anger, Omashola ranted to all within hearing shots that " I no dey okay oh" This was not only a warning to the Housemates but to us too because whenever we look at Omashola, we shall remember him as that Housemate who put it out there that he isn't alright😄. 

"Your village people are the cause of your problem," Seyi

Sucre papito gave it to Ike during the quarrel over ice cream and we wondered if Ike's village people also made their way into the Big Brother Naija House and we didn't know about it.

"Tacha, Tacha, Tacha," Tacha

This was Tacha's response to Ebuka's question: "What are the characteristics of a winner?" Not only did the other Housemates remember her response, but people outside did too, as that response trended and the word 'Tacharistics' was coined. That's not all as she is fond of saying "listen to me, I will be here till the 99th day even if I sleep all day". Well-spoken Ma, time will tell.

"If I set my compass on you, Khafi does not stand much of a chance," Venita

Oshey, worldwide traveller and compass expert. This was Venita's words to Gedoni and while this may show how determined the babe is, it didn't escape us to take note of this gbas gbas gbos moment from Venita.

There you go, which Housemate quote will remain evergreen in your minds?

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