Meet the fierce ladies of Unmarried

14 January 2021
Looking for a drama-filled story with a fierce female at the center of the story? Look no further than the beautiful Funbi, Kamsi and Nengi.
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Topping the WCW catalogue all day, every day; we are happy to commence another season with our gorgeous Unmarried ladies. Which of these characters have you missed on your screens? We bet all of them, right?

Isn’t it true that it is better to have a few friends that would protect you, laugh with you and cry with you than a whole room full of people who disappear when life hits you hard? These ladies have served us a perfect dose of friendship goals… okay, maybe not so perfect. However, as we countdown to the start of Unmarried season two, let’s crush on these beautiful ladies, shall we?


Kamsi is frustrated with her husband’s inability to provide for his family. Irrespective of her crumbling marriage and questionable identity, she tried her very best to be a supportive wife and a super amazing mother in season one. What should we expect from her in the new season?


She enjoys living the baby girl for life lifestyle and loves the perks of being with a married man. Oops! How could we forget the moment that had us tongue-tied last season as tables turned and Chuka advised her to go start a family of her own, while of course, drying up the well of money he provided for her.

What’s next for Funbi?


No one can take away the fact that a failed marriage leaves a deep cut and a grace of time to heal from it. On the other hand, single and trying to get it again, Nengi seems like she has it all, but not all that glitters is gold, right?

With the saying that goes, “fierce women don’t grovel for their attention and aren’t desperate for a man to meet their deepest needs”, which of the Unmarried ladies perfectly wears this crown?

We all need a fierce lady in our lives, but should we expect a happily ever after for Kamsi, Funbi and Nengi in this new season? Find out on AM Showcase on Wednesday, 20th January at 21:00 to 22:00 WAT.

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