Meet the coach: Timi Dakalo

29 January 2016
Meet the final Voice Nigeria coach, Timi Dakalo.
Meet the coach: Timi Dakalo
This week we've been profiling The Voice Nigeria coaches and the final coach for you to meet is singing star, Timi Dakalo! It's not everyday you get a coach who is also a reality singing show winner themselves but that's exactly the case with Timi Dakalo. In 2007 he emerged victorious in a popular singing competition that led to him signing a recording contract with Sony BMG. Now almost a decade later he'll be striving to lead one of The Voice Nigeria hopefuls to victory as well.

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Here are a few fascinating facts about Timi Dakalo:

  • Timi Dakolo was born in Accra, Ghana to a Nigerian father, Bayelsa-native David and a Ghanaian mother, Norah, who died when Dakolo was thirteen.

  • Before his signing career took off, Timi was studying Communication Studies at the University of Port Harcourt.

  • He has had a brush with death. Back in 2008 he was shot in the lobby of the Presidential Hotel in Port Harcourt by armed militants while attending a church service with friends. Luckily the gun shot was only a flesh wound and he was treated and discharged from hospital the same day.

  • His first single ever was released in October of 2009.

  • Lastly, Timi is the only Voice Nigeria coach who uses their birth name as a stage name.

Will you be #TeamTimi?

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