Mastering matters that matter – Ultimate Love

03 April 2020
Friday afternoons in Aunty’s Love Pad became a time where Love Guests could look forward to some engaging guests in the form of Masterclasses. There is no topic that was off the table for our experts: from sex, money to conflict resolution, they tackled it all!

Let’s take a look at the Masterclasses and the key lessons that they covered. We can only hope that the process taught our Love Guests to focus on matters that matter if they want to build successful relationships.

Leave your assumptions at the door

Jerome Onipede is a certified relationship and marriage consultant who is changing the world by using a refreshing approach in seeing, understanding, and including others in our lives. He spoke to Love Guests about the damage that assumptions can do to interactions in a relationship. It's always best to wait for all the facts before coming to any conclusion.

Let’s talk about sex!

lawunmi Esan is a trained Psychotherapist and Certified Sex Therapist who helps couples and individuals discover and enjoy mind-blowing sexual satisfaction and fulfillment. Her talk was about unpacking lessons about sex: early lessons about sex, sexual compatibility, sexual health and all that involves getting down and dirty with your partner.

Myths about the superior gender

Praise Fowowe of Praise Fowowe International describes his organisation as an “integrated  family life and workplace relationship and research support organisation that promotes the dignity of humanity through advisory, training solutions and effective personnel systems deployment.” He believes that the most important nation on earth is the family because it is the production factory of society.”

After his quiz, it was clear that most of the ladies in the Love Pad had misconceptions about men being superior to women. He cautioned that this ought to be re-examined to avoid possible domestic abuse in the future.

Keeping the fire alive!

Priscilla Benjamin – Olaoye is a trained Psychologist and a Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. She also has post-graduate qualifications in Community Development as well as all the necessary perquisites for a modern-day relationship expert.

For her, keeping the fire means always staying connected to what attracted you to the person in the first place.

Resolving conflict

According to Good Ereseh, a Psychoanalyst, Emotions therapist, Certified Matchmaker and Love Coach, one never really knows their partner until they get married to them! “Dating is just practice,” he adds. This is one of the reasons conflict is part and parcel of marriage because that process entails two people getting to deeply know one another. The lesson here is that conflict is unavoidable the important thing is to deal with it in a way that progresses and not regress the relationship.

Take a look at some of the nuggets of wisdom that our Masterclass conductors dropped:

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