Mark Zuckerberg loves Naija food

01 September 2016
You won't believe what dish Mark Zuckerberg tried first when he landed in Nigeria.
Mark Zuckerberg loves Naija food

As you may have seen in the media, Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg is currently in Nigeria.


The billionaire flew into the West African nation unannounced and caused a stir with his unassuming and humble disposition while in the country. Of course when in Lagos one must do as the Lagosians, so in between his busy schedule, Zuckerberg made time to try out the local cuisine!

In a clip posted on Instagram that was taken at the Facebook Q&A session, the tech legend speaks of how he indulged in jolof, pounded yam and other local dishes that he totally loved.

His visit to Nigeria also marks his first trip ever to Africa and experts say it's a positive sign for the future of tech development in the country. We just hope he stops by one of Nollywood's movie sets and makes a cameo in a film!

Can you imagine 'Facebook Part 1 & 2' the movie? That would be something!

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