LOL'ing with Maraji

31 May 2018
Skit sensation, Maraji has a comedic tell-all session with Uti

Human beings were born with an innate desire to cook up theories for every single behavioral pattern and curate explanations for all the ‘whats, hows and whys’. Moreover, it is believed that being rational creatures, we do not create things or engage in activities with fruitless ends. This little theory could possibly explain why comedy took such a long time to fully merge into society and be recognized and acknowledged as a necessity, one that people are winning to pay for. Just as her peers have done, Maraji has capitalized on this necessity and delivers timeless, flawless and inexplicably relevant comedy and at just 21, she’s done in a few years what it’d take the average a lifetime achieve.

The Edo State born, bred and caramelized starlet is a great example of innate talent. Having used boredom to carve her path, Maraji’s journey to Instagram verification and tens of thousands of green lights and thumbs ups was catalyzed by a renowned make-up artist who re-posted her very first skit, earning her widespread recognition and accolades.
Despite having envisioned herself travelling on lanes outside of comedy, Maraji recognized the uniqueness of the content she was putting out and there and as such, brewed a wide variety of flavours to quench her viewers’ thirst.

From accurate impersonations to on par lip syncs, it wouldn’t be completely careless to conclude that this beauty’s talents are chromosome embedded; this because she attributes her ability to crack the most relatable of jokes to her parents, whom she indirectly refers to as ‘low-key’ comedians.  

While many of us are a combination of tibia and tendons, Miraji is all funny bone and brains. Having graduated at the age of 19, she continues to nurture both her academics and talent. Clearly a force to be reckoned with, her Nollywood dreams are certainly a few blinks away. It’s Grace Oloruntobi, write it down! 

Have a look at Maraji's one on one with Sir Uti below in case you missed out on Jara. 

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