Living it up in Dubai

30 June 2017
Looks like Shaffy needed a break from all that wahala in the Bhadmus compound.
Dubai Vacay 2

As if it isn't bad enough that her husband had a whole family behind her back, Adaora now has to deal with him cutting her off from her own inheritance if she messes with, "the other" Bhadmuses. However, that's exactly what Shaffy's newest character has elected to do; Fight for what she believes is rightfully hers. This new found resolve didn't come without a great deal of suffering however and for weeks we witnessed a complete, emotional breakdown. We think the agony and visceral anger Shaffy portrayed in this time is a testament to her acting chops and we aren't the only one's raving about it either. 

That said, we imagine it must have been quite taxing to pull this off and in a classic case of life imitating art, Shaffy decided to take a little excursion to fabulous Dubai. Lucky for us, she's been sharing her whole experience so far and these are some of our favourite moments.

Ready for a day out on the water 

So fabulous! 

We are famished!

Truly a sight for sore eyes 

Anyone afraid of heights?

Nothing beats unwinding in the lap of luxury and we hope Shaffy has a lovely time before she returns to her hectic schedule. Loving her work on Battleground? Let us know on Twitter, "#AMBattleground" and don't miss an all new episode tonight at 21:00 CAT on Africa Magic Showcase, Ch151.

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