Live Show: Ella and KimOprah Evicted

14 July 2019
Ella and KimOprah take their last steps in the Big Brother Naija race.

After a journey well spent in the Pepper Dem House, Ella and KimOprah said their goodbyes on the BB Naija stage - as the second pair of Evictees this Season. Did you see that coming?

Who They Will Miss Most

In their last Diary session with Biggie. The Evicted Housemates revealed to us what they will miss the most. For Ella, she stated that she will miss the House while KimOprah, told Big Brother she will miss the communal eating with other Housemates.

Parting Words

In her chat with Ebuka on stage, Ella told the Host that the other Housemates were out to get her. When asked who was going to win, she was not specific as she wished all the Housemates good luck. KimOprah, the second Housemate to be Evicted, cited Ella as her least favourite Housemate. In her words. "Ella is erratic". She also thinks Jeff would win.

Their Spiciest Moments

The Evicted Housemates didn't fail to give us some spice while they were in the House. Ella wasn't a Housemate to be ignored as she showed us she could hold her own in any situation. KimOprah who was the first holder of the Veto Power badge, also Peppered us in ways we can't forget.

Watch KimOprah's journey in Biggie's House here. 

Beginning of A New Race

Second Evictee - KimOprah revealed that her next steps outside the House would be to further her education and expand her business. Ella, on the other hand, told Africa to get ready for her as she is going to wow them with her music and dance moves Watch out, Kaffy!

Watch Ella's journey in the Big Brother House here.

Buckle up Africa, another set of spicy queens have been unleashed.

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