Live Show 6: Uriel makes an even grander exit

05 March 2017
For 42 days, Uriel graced the screen of Africa’s hottest television show, for BBNaija fans greatest delight whom she seduced, shocked and spiced evenings up.

By far one of the most vibrant characters inside the House; Uriel had burst into the House as the spontaneous, passionate and irresistibly nurturing Housemate.

Yes, she truly did love to cook, and hated cleaning up after cooking. Although she thought of herself as a master of organised mess, she proved to be such a great sport, a subtle and very fine master of human relationships.

Uriel’s BBNaija’s Diary Sessions had truly been daily highlights for the range of emotions she displayed that, at times appeared to be larger-than-life, but ultimately revealed a candid and deep heart beyond her dramatic façade. It is fair to say that she was genuinely liked, and her magnetic over-the-top personality had drawn a long string of admirers

Sensing her Eviction looming, Uriel had half-jokingly threatened that BB Ninjas would have to carry her on a stretcher out of the House she was not ready to leave. And an excited audience loudly cheered the restrained Uriel back onto the stage, the very same Uriel who was still pleading with Host Ebuka to go back into the House.

Her departure nonetheless left Housemates quite dispirited, understandably as she had shone through Big Brother Naija.

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