Live Eviction: Esther And Sir Dee's Exit

01 September 2019
What's the Big Brother Naija Live Show without some Eviction vibes? With this week's Eviction twist, here's how it all went down on the BB Naija stage.

Made To Slay

As is the norm, Ebuka our fine Host, stepped on the stage in a custom made outfit threaded by Vanskere. We like to point out that we weren't the only ones who saw his designer's outfit as the screams from the crowd told us that they appreciated every stitch put into the outfit Ebuka wore like a second skin. Let's even check something, with the way he keeps peppering us with his outfits every Sunday, wouldn't it be right to say Ebuka is part of the Pepper Dem Gang?

Anyway, we see you Ebuka and we have taken necessary notes to slay the way you effortlessly do.

The Eviction Twists

What? Going straight into Eviction on the Live Show? We sure didn’t see that coming. Anyway, in the Big Brother House, anything is possible.

The Housemates just had a surprise visit by Jidenna and right after that, they got thrown into the Eviction den. It’s truly the Pepper Dem Season. Unfortunately, the victim of this twist was Esther as she made her way out of the BB Naija House as the thirteenth Housemate to be Evicted. 

More to the Eviction twists, tonight’s Live Show served us an interesting chat with one of the hottest international music stars, Jidenna. In his chat with Ebuka, he revealed how impressed he was with the production of the Big Brother Naija show. He also sounded excited as he told us that he would be going back into the House to serve some pepper to the Pepper Dem Gang. You don’t want to miss this, stay tuned!

It’s LA!

Performing for the first time on the BB Naija stage, LAX brought some ‘Gwara ‘Gwara’ moves to our screens. As e dey hot on the stage, our very own Rasaki also dished out some ‘Ginger’ as he entertained the audience with his captivating performance.

Closing the show, he thrilled us with his sit single ‘Runaway’ and kept the ladies screaming as though he sang the lyrics to him. Thank you LAX, you’ll forever be engraved on the BB Naija stage for your wonderful performance.  

Let's Go Shake Some Tables

At this point, you already know who the president of the table shaking association is. Tonight was no different as Ebuka crossed into the House to shake and perhaps scatter some well-arranged tables.

Starting with Ike, Ebuka asked him about his Save and Replace decision. Here, Ike admitted that he Saved Omashola because, “whether he knows it or not, Omashola is part of the reasons he’s still in the House.”

In his chat with Ebuka, Mike admitted to having had conversations with Elozonam, Sir Dee and Tacha regarding Frodd’s attitude in the House. In his words, Frodd is overly defensive and every Housemate understands this; for this reason, they’ve decided to allow him to be himself.

This week’s HoH happily told Ebuka that with Gedoni out of the House, she decided to step up her game and not take things for granted, hence her drive to keep celebrating more wins in the game. Well done, Khafi!

A Curtain Call For Esther and Sir Dee

Like performers giving a final bow at the end of a show, Esther has bowed out of the Big Brother Naija game, leaving her as the thirteenth Pepper Dem Housemate to be Evicted from the House. While this spelt the end of the road for these two, it was an opportunity for Venita, Cindy, Frodd and Tacha to still get a shot at the game as they revealed in their reactions after Ebuka announced that they were all safe. From the expressions on their faces, one could tell they were grateful to still be in the game.

"It is what it is," said Esther when asked about how she felt to be gracing the stage tonight. To the anticipation of all, Ebuka went ahead to ask her how she felt about her two love-interests in the House - Nelson and Frodd. Following her initial rejection of the latter, Esther revealed to Ebuka that she later got to know Frodd and found him to be a sweet guy. "To be determined," was the answer she gave Ebuka when asked about the future of a relationship with either of the men outside the House. Well, we'll definitely be on the lookout for this. 

To wrap up her chat with Ebuka on the stage, Esther said her major highlight in the House, was winning the HoH title twice and being the first female Housemate to sit on the throne. With her plans to explore the entertainment world after the show, we can't wait to see her excel in her acting plans. Watch out Nollywood!

Watch Esther's Pepper Dem race here

Being the second Housemate to be Evicted from the House tonight and the fourteenth Housemate to take a bow from the Pepper Dem Season, Sir Dee was welcomed on the stage with loud cheers.

When asked about having feelings for Diane, the resident cool dude said he only had a "brother, sister" relationship with her and did not feel anything more for her. To him, he wouldn't have had anything with Tacha in the House because he considered her as "too hot" to be in a relationship with. 

He plans to go into his passion for graphics design and plans to take the business seriously outside the House. In addition, he would like to delve into the entertainment industry and try his hands on whatever may come his way in that field. Watch this space guys, Sir Dee is coming to your screens.

Here's a sneak peek into his journey

As Ebuka said, Housemates, make sure you're counted at the end of the Season. On this note, let's anticipate a tighter race ahead for the Pepper Dem Housemates.

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